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Caribbean Pools & Spas is your most trusted team of Schererville inground pool installers. We have been creating beautiful poolscapes out of muddy backyards since 1976. You can depend on our trusted team of Schererville inground pool installers to do an outstanding job. We believe that the key to an excellent poolscape is to integrate your unique preferences into the mix, so we can design a custom poolscape that speaks to your family’s needs. Let us guide you through everything you need to know about making a poolscape. 

Our Schererville Inground Pool Installers Manage Your Project

When it comes to installing a pool, you may underestimate just how much work goes into the process. Excavation, electrical work and poolside design are all important aspects that affect the look and feel of your pool and its surrounding area. The goal is to create a comfortable, private space that’s perfect for you and your family. With so many details to consider, you should depend on our pool contractors to streamline the project. 

Of course, the time investment that goes into building a pool has a huge payoff. An inground pool is of high quality and easy to customize. Whether you want a small pool to relax in or a larger pool that your kids can play in, you can expect outstanding results when you choose our team. 

What to Expect During Pool Installation

When you choose Caribbean Pools to install your inground pool, you’ll be impressed by how stress-free the process is. We take care of everything for you. Here are the steps to installing a pool in your backyard:

  • Choose a Design. Finding the right design for your pool is very important. You want something that balances with your yard’s dimensions and leaves room to build a patio around it. 
  • Obtain a Permit. Before we begin, we need permission to build the pool. We have to get the design and location approved by authorities before proceeding to the excavation stage. We are very familiar with this process and your specific location’s standards since we’ve been installing pools for over 40 years. 
  • Excavate and Install. Basically, during these steps, we dig a large hole in your yard and build your pool. This stage can take a few weeks depending on several factors. We want to ensure that everything is properly installed, so we take great care during these steps. 
  • Testing. This step is important. We test your pool to make sure the plumbing and electrical components are working correctly. We will fill your pool with water and then drain it to check for leaks and test the efficiency of the pipes. 
  • Poolscape. After the pool is installed, we build up the area around it. We install all components of your poolscape. 

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Caribbean Pools is prepared to manage your pool installation process. You can depend on our Schererville inground pool installers to do outstanding work as we build your poolscape. Talk to us today about building a pool at your home.  

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