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Schererville New Pool Construction

At Caribbean Pools, we’re dedicated to serving clients as their number one pool contractors. Our Schererville new pool construction team offers all the services you are searching for, from installation to renovations. We have what you need to create a gorgeous poolscape that keeps your family entertained all summer. 

Things to Know Before Installing an Inground Pool

Before investing in an inground pool, it’s good to set realistic expectations. Here’s what you should know about inground pool installation and maintenance:

  • You Have Plenty of Options. Inground pools come in all shapes and sizes. You don’t have to stick to a particular style out of obligation. If you have any ideas, just let us know. When we install your pool, we also build up the area surrounding it, so we can make any style fit comfortably in your backyard. We can help you explore your options as you browse our store. 
  • Regular Cleaning and Maintenance. Pools require regular maintenance. They need to be cleaned and checked for proper pH levels. While there is a time investment, maintenance is easy when you have the right supplies. Be sure to get all the cleaning tools you need so you are prepared, from pH balancers to leaf rakes. 
  • May Need Updates Down the Line. Your poolscape isn’t set in stone once installation is complete. As your family’s needs change, or if you simply wish to switch things up, you can always update your pool. You may wish to replace certain parts to make it run more efficiently, or want to change up its look by replacing the liner. Just know that you have some freedom to make certain changes later. 
  • Zoning Guidelines. Before any construction work can be started, you need to get your project approved. Generally, you need a fence around the perimeter of your poolscape that is at least 4 feet tall. It’s important to keep proximity to septic tanks and property lines in mind, too. Of course, your plans have to match the specific zoning guidelines of your town. These rules vary by location, but that’s no problem for our team since we’ve installed pools in many different towns. 

Getting an inground pool is easily one of the best investments you’ll make in your life. Ample planning is key to making sure your poolscape has all the features you want. Caribbean Pools is excited to get started on your project!

Depend on Our Inground Pool Construction Team

One of the biggest factors determining whether your inground pool turns out the way you want is the construction team you choose to work with. You can’t just hire anyone for the job; you need a team of experienced, dedicated pool installers who are ready to go the extra mile for you. Caribbean Pools enjoys every opportunity we’re given to transform a backyard into a private paradise. With over 40 years of work in pool installation and repair, and with an impressive portfolio of past projects, you know you can rely on us. Call our Schererville new pool construction team to get started!

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