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If you’re the owner of an inground pool, you are likely familiar with having to sanitize and maintain proper pH levels using special pool chemicals. Finding the right chemicals for your pool can be challenging. No matter what troubles your pool is facing, you’ll find a solution at Caribbean Pools

What Kinds of Pool Chemicals Should I Buy?

When it comes to pool chemicals, you may wonder what kind you need. It can be hard to select the right brand, grade or type, so consult with our professionals. We have an array of pool chemicals in-store, and we’re happy to walk you through your options. Maintaining proper pool chemistry is easy with the help of our team. 

Pool chemicals play a big role in maintaining your pool’s safety and cleanliness. Your swimming pool should be safe and healthy to swim in, so you need to prevent algae growth and other problems by regularly adding chemicals to the water. Typically, you will need several different chemicals to sanitize and prevent bacteria growth. Here’s what makes pool chemicals essential:

  • pH Levels. Ideally, your pool’s pH level should be around 7.5. You don’t want the water to be too acidic or basic because levels that are too high or too low may damage your pool’s surface and equipment. With the right chemicals, you can maintain the water’s pH levels so they remain safe. 
  • Alkalinity Levels. Alkalinity helps keep the pH levels from drastically changing. In general, the water’s alkalinity levels should range from 100 to 150 ppm. They can frequently fluctuate, however, so be sure to stock up on an alkalinity stabilizer so you’re prepared. 
  • Calcium Hardness. Your pool’s water needs balanced calcium levels or else it’ll deteriorate the pool’s surface or affect the plumbing. There are special chemicals you can add to your pool’s water to regulate these levels. 

By regulating these chemicals, your pool will stay clean and comfortable. You’ll also keep your pool’s infrastructure protected. All in all, you’ll extend your pool’s lifeline and ensure it’s at its best all summer long. 

You Can Depend On Us For the Schererville Pool Chemicals You Need

Caribbean Pools has an array of products designed to keep your pool clean and safe. We have pool chemicals and so much more all in one convenient place. From hot tubs to outdoor kitchen accessories, we have everything you need to make your poolscape unique. Your pool will truly shine when paired with a spa or outdoor kitchen. Making a comfortable outdoor living space is easy with the help of our team. We look forward to creating a stunning poolscape that fulfills your highest expectations!

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