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Any inground pool owner is familiar with the work that goes into keeping your pool clean and in top shape. Your pool water’s chemical balance is vital to its longevity and safety. In order to maintain your swimming pool, you need the right Schererville pool supplies. Caribbean Pools has all the supplies you need to manage your pool’s pH, alkalinity and cleanliness. If you need assistance in choosing the right products, we’re more than happy to help. 

Essential Schererville Pool Supplies

Whether you’ve had an inground pool for years or only recently had one installed, learning how to maintain your backyard paradise is essential to its enjoyment. Picking and choosing the pool supplies you need—and the ones you don’t—can be challenging, whether you’re an amateur or a pro. Not to mention, pool supplies can be costly if you get them from the wrong place. Fortunately, Caribbean Pools makes it simple and affordable to stock up. Here are a few of the most important pool supplies any inground pool owner needs:

  • Water Test Strips. Your pool’s pH balance should be neutral. You don’t want the water to be too acidic or too basic, so regularly test it using water test strips. These strips make it easy to check your pool’s pH so you can determine whether you need to increase or lower its levels. 
  • Leaf Rake. It’s normal for some debris to get into your pool. From bugs to leaves, you may notice unwanted debris floating along the surface of the water. Your pool’s filter isn’t built to handle larger objects, so you’ll need to manually remove them yourself. A leaf rake makes cleaning the mess easy. We have a variety of leaf rakes in-store for you to try. 
  • Pool Cover. Water levels play a big role in your pool’s comfort. Your pool’s water naturally evaporates throughout the day, particularly if it’s a bright, sunny day. A vinyl pool cover will mitigate evaporation so you don’t have to constantly refill your pool’s water, saving you time and money on energy bills. Additionally, pool covers help keep debris out of your pool, so you can spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying your outdoor oasis.
  • Pool Chemicals. Swimming pools need to maintain balanced chemical levels to ensure their safety. If your pool’s water doesn’t have the right chemical levels, it can damage the technological parts. We sell a variety of pH balancers, alkalizers and more to make the job easier for you. 

Once you have all of the top pool supplies, your summers will be so much easier. Caribbean Pools has everything you need in one location, so be sure to check out our wares. 

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Whether you’re looking to install a brand new inground pool or simply need to get the essentials, Caribbean Pools has what you’re looking for. Our Schererville pool supplies feature some of the most trustworthy brands out there. Take a look at our high-quality products today, and be sure to give us a call if you need more information about our services. 

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