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St. John Inground Pool Installers

Anytime you are considering installing a pool, be sure to reach out to a trusted, professional team. Expert advice is key to ensuring the process runs smoothly. Caribbean Pools is a leading team of St. John inground pool installers. We have all the services and products you need the most to manage your pool. We also are experts in new pool construction. Watch as we create a unique poolscape from scratch. You’ll be impressed by our craftsmanship and the quality of the results. 

Take Your Summers to the Next Level With An Inground Pool

Many people consider summer to be their favorite season, and for a good reason. When the warm weather rolls around, you have the opportunity to spend more time outside. If you have children, they can enjoy their time off and do things they enjoy. However, if you have an empty, boring backyard, you may feel at a loss of what to do. An inground pool may be the solution. 

With an inground pool, you’ll have a source of endless summer fun. Swimming is an excellent form of exercise, and with all kinds of poolscape accessories, you’ll have the perfect summer oasis that you’ll be proud to have invested in. 

  • Stylish addition to your home
  • Increase home’s market value
  • Convenience and privacy
  • Affordable solutions that fit your budget
  • Construction streamlined by an experienced team

Installing a Pool Is Easy With Caribbean Pools

One of the biggest challenges when installing a pool happens if you don’t work with the right construction team. Inground pools require meticulous attention to detail and professional-grade craftsmanship that you can’t get just anywhere. If the installation isn’t done correctly, you’re more likely to deal with issues down the line. Don’t gamble with your poolscape’s outcome: you want to be confident that your project is successful, so work with Caribbean Pools. 

Installing an inground pool involves several stages, all of which are managed by our team:

  • Poolscape Design. First, you need to share your ideas with our team. We’ll help you design a wonderful poolscape that encompasses your family’s needs. Decide if you’d like an outdoor kitchen, or if you’d like to pair your inground pool with a hot tub. Determining what features you’d like to be included will guide us as we create a comfortable poolscape. 
  • Permit Approval. Your inground pool must uphold your city’s rules for construction. In general, your pool will need a fence around the perimeter that’s a certain height. Additionally, you must take care not to install it near gas lines, across property lines or on wetlands. These guidelines vary from town to town, so we’ll check your town’s specific rules before proceeding.
  • Excavation & Installation. Once everything is approved, we begin digging a hole in your yard and building the poolscape around it. 
  • Testing and Final Touches. After we’ve installed all technical parts, we’ll run a few tests to ensure your pool works properly.  

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