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Are you ready to kick start your summer? For many people, their summers begin the moment they open their inground pool. If you are looking to join in on the fun, call Caribbean Pools. We are one of the best St. John pool installation companies because we have a long history embedded in the area. We’re well-known for our outstanding craftsmanship and superior service that makes installing a pool a piece of cake. Want to learn more? Just reach out to our pool contractors, and we’ll be happy to help.  

What to Look For in St. John Pool Installation Companies

If you’re looking to install an inground pool, working with a talented pool construction team is essential. It’s not a job you can handle on your own, since it involves multiple complex steps. Pool construction needs to be done carefully to ensure that your pool functions properly and lasts for as long as possible, so be sure to pick the right pool installation company:

  • Experienced. The more experience a pool installation company has, the more confident you can be placing your project in their hands. Caribbean Pools has completed over 40 years of pool construction and servicing. There’s not much we haven’t handled, so you can depend on us for a quality experience. 
  • Dedicated. Even when we face a challenge, our team doesn’t give up. You deserve a tenacious team that puts forth their full effort, even if your ideas are big. We love working with new clients, so we’re ready to help in any way that we can. 
  • Specialized in Many Areas of Pool Maintenance and Installation. Our team doesn’t just handle new pool construction. We take care of all of your demands both big and small. We repair your pool and can install new vinyl siding when you need it. We’re also happy to help you pick out the right products to maintain your pool. Overall, we take care of the wide scope of your pool needs.

Besides, pool installation needs approval first. You can’t just dig a hole in your backyard without getting permission from local authorities. We are mindful of property lines and sewage systems as we build and make sure to include a fence around the perimeter. These guidelines are different depending on where you live, but since we’ve been building pools since 1976, we’re familiar with many specific towns’ rules. 

Comprehensive Pool Installation and Training 

After your installation is complete, our team is here to help you in the long term. You can depend on us whenever you have a question about your pool or if you need assistance in choosing the right chemicals. Likewise, we provide training on managing your pool. We’ll help you learn how to operate your pool, replace its filters and other important steps that contribute to a clean, safe pool. After all, we want you to truly enjoy your new poolscape. Learning these steps may seem challenging at first, but with our help, you’ll be a pro in no time. 

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