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Chemicals Keep Your Crown Point Pool Clean

Your pool is the place to be all summer long. It continues to be a spot to relax, have fun, host parties and just enjoy a hot summer day. The Caribbean Pools & Spas team has been in the industry since 1976. We continue to be specialists in all things pool and can help you with opening and closing your pool during the season changes as well as help you maintain and clean your inground pool and water. No matter if you are a more hands-on pool owner or prefer to have experts be by your side most of the season, we can accommodate your needs and work with you today on your pool upkeep. Our Caribbean crew is honored to serve our friends and neighbors in the Northwest Indiana and Chicagoland region.

Get Chemicals for Your Crown Point Swimming Pool

Having the right chemicals on hand is vital to keeping your inground pool water clear and sparkling. We have all of the pool chemicals that you will need to maintain your pool. If you are unsure about how much chlorine or shock that you need to add, come on in with a sample of your pool water, and we will test it for you and offer our guidance and advice on what your water needs. Each and every pool’s water is unique depending on the source of the water initially, where your pool is located in your yard and more. Learning about your pool water can seem difficult, but it will help you understand how to best take care of it down the road.

If you would like more assistance from our pool specialists, we can schedule pool maintenance plans with you today. Our top package has us visiting your pool twice a week. We will perform full-service cleanings that include brushing your pool’s walls, vacuuming the bottom, back washing if needed, testing your water onsite and adding or adjusting your chemical levels as determined by your results.

Chemicals and Beyond for Your Crown Point Pool

Our team of experts provides additional pool services that you may need as a pool owner. We can check on your equipment and inspect it for any issues. We offer repairs and tune-ups to all of the major components of your inground pool. Our team works on hot tubs as well as pools. If your pool is aging and you are in need of renovations, we can help with working on damaged pool walls that are cracked and a safety concern. If you want a new look, we can work with you on a new design.

Visit Us Today for Your Crown Point Pool Chemicals

Stop by and see us at our locations if you need to ask us questions or receive guidance on your pool water. You can also always reach out to us through our online contact form

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