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Swimming Pool Contractors Near Frankfort

With the help of Caribbean Pools’ swimming pool contractors near Frankfort, you can transform your backyard into the ultimate summer destination in around five weeks. Turn your space into the neighborhood hang-out point with a beautiful poolscape and outdoor living area. Whether you’re looking to construct an entirely new inground pool or would like to upgrade the one you currently have, our swimming pool contractors near Frankfort are here to assist. Call today to dive into all your poolscape options.

What Is Included in Inground Pool Installation?

Caribbean Pools’ swimming pool contractors near Frankfort offer a new pool start-up kit when we install your pool. This kit is designed to provide clients with all the necessary tools and equipment for proper pool management. Included in our new pool start-up kit is:

  • Pool vacuum and attachments and materials
  • Safety rope
  • Test kit
  • Leaf skimmer
  • Thermometer
  • Backwash hose

If you ever need to replace equipment or want to purchase additional tools, Caribbean Pools has a vast selection of pool supplies, including chemicals, liners, and covers. Visit our online store or take a trip to your nearest Caribbean Pools retail location to view all of your high-quality, professionally recommended products.

Repairs and Renovations Made Easy

Even with the best care, your pool gets old, and repairs will inevitably be needed. That’s okay, though. It just means your pool is well-loved and utilized! Don’t fret if your pump goes out or your heater starts to act wonky. Our swimming pool contractors near Frankfort offer their professional repair services to all inground swimming pool owners. Whether we installed your pool or not, our team of technicians can care for your pool running in no time. Our swimming pool contractors near Frankfort are proficient in various services, including:

  • Filter Service: We will diagnose the issue and service your filter in no time. We provide all the necessary services, including filter cleaning, basic filter servicing, and new installation.
  • Chlorinator Service: Our swimming pool contractors repair and replace inline and offline chlorine and salt pool systems.
  • Leak Detection: Through pressure testing and diving, our contractors can diagnose a leak in no time. We can then go in and repair any issues that are causing this leak.
  • Auto-Cover Repairs: Along with diagnosing the issue with your auto-cover, we provide maintenance and repairs, tune-ups, and cleanings.

If you have an old pool that you’re ready to upgrade, give Caribbean Pools’ swimming pool contractors near Frankfort a call. We make pool renovations look like a breeze. Swimming pools are what we know best, after all, so no damaged wall, torn liner, or outdated design is too big of a challenge for us. We can also help you craft a more energy-efficient pool with upgraded equipment and energy-minded renovations.

Make a Splash with Our Swimming Pool Contractors Near Frankfort

Are you ready to make a splash with our expert swimming pool contractors near Frankfort? Call Caribbean Pools to schedule a consultation to discuss the details of your dream poolscape.

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