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Swimming Pool Installation Near Crown Point

Each year, the pool contractors at Caribbean Pools perform over 100 swimming pool installations near Crown Point. Our specialty is inground pools, and we offer both vinyl liner and fiberglass options to our customers. One of the best parts of installing your own inground pool is getting to design a pool that fits your unique needs and style. At Caribbean Pools, you can choose from the traditional pool shapes or go with a freeform design. Whether you want an elegant Roman end shape or want something completely custom, we can install it. Plus, we offer a great selection of fun extras such as pool lighting, water features, and entertainment pieces ranging from volleyball nets, basketball hoops, and slides. When you choose our contractors for your swimming pool installation near Crown Point, you unlock a whole world of opportunity.

Our Swimming Pool Installation near Crown Point

Our pool contractors strive to get you and your family in your pool as quickly as possible without jeopardizing our craftsmanship. We follow a six-stage construction process that aims to complete your swimming pool installation near Crown Point completed in just five weeks. We begin with the excavation and structure of your pool walls and end with installing your pool’s liner. Since some communities require permits and inspections before we can start construction, our pool contractors will help you secure the necessary documents to begin your pool project. Since getting the green light on your project may take some time, and if you have additional contractors come in to do work while installing your pool, our schedule may shift. We do our best to ensure your project does not stretch too far off of our five-week plan.

About Caribbean Pools

For over 40 years, Caribbean Pools has been serving Northwest Indiana and South Chicago communities. In that time, we’ve proven over and over that we deliver excellent craftsmanship, extraordinary customer service, and phenomenal value to all of our clients. We take care to assess each client’s individual needs to help design the perfect pool to host their next summer barbeque, get a workout, or simply relax in. Plus, we can help you streamline your entire backyard project, from fencing to landscaping to extras like outdoor living areas

Our extensive experience in the inground pool industry has provided us with the knowledge needed to offer you the support you need during and after your pool installation. Caribbean Pools offers exceptional maintenance programs that help save you valuable time that should be spent relaxing in your pool! From water testing to filter cleanings to complete pool renovations, our team of pool experts can help you cut maintenance time so you can have your pool and enjoy it more than you maintenance it.

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Planning a swimming pool installation near Crown Point is exciting, and we can’t wait to assist you in the process! Reach out or visit one of our retail locations today to discuss your inground pool project!

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