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Swimming Pool Installation Near Dyer

When the temperatures begin to rise, and the sun starts to shine a little higher in the sky, it’s time to start thinking about swimming pool installation near Dyer. At Caribbean Pools, we offer professional installation services for clients across the Northwest Indiana and Chicagoland area. From custom fiberglass pools to traditionally shaped vinyl-liner inground pools, we carry it all.

Benefits of Swimming Pool Installation Near Dyer

Installing a swimming pool in your backyard gives you something to look forward to during the long winter months. The excitement and anticipation of enjoying your pool in the summer isn’t the only positive thing that comes with your swimming pool installation near Dyer, however. When you have an inground pool, you get the advantage of:

  • Convenience: How many times has your family planned on going to the beach, community pool, or water park but ended up ditching the idea due to the scheduling, travel time, and hassle of navigating the crowds? An inground pool in your backyard cuts out crowds, coordination, and travel, leaving you with additional time to spend relaxing and enjoying the refreshing water.
  • Family Time: Whether you’re looking to spend more time with your family or just want to add extra space for you all to hang out together, a pool from Caribbean Pools is the way to go. We not only offer pool installation but outdoor living products as well, meaning your backyard can be transformed into the ultimate staycation destination.
  • Budget-Friendly Fun: Taking pricey family vacations each summer really adds up. When you invest in a beautiful inground pool, it frees up your budget for other family-friendly activities since you have a great space to relax and spend time together right at home.

Beyond Swimming Pool Installation Near Dyer

While we’re known for our expert swimming pool installation near Dyer, Caribbean Pools’ pool contractors can do so much more. Alongside our pool installation, we offer a slew of high-quality and essential pool services that help you maintain your inground pool and/or spa.

  • Maintenance: Caribbean Pools offers auto cover cleanings, filter cleanings, water cleaning and water balancing, and heater tune-ups, among other essential maintenance services.
  • Opening & Closing: We offer several opening and closing options for your pool. Our openings’ basics include removing your winter cover, start-up of your pool equipment, and examining for and taking note of any needed repairs. Our closings include shutting down equipment, blowing out heaters, drains, pull lines, and removing additional equipment.
  • Repairs: You’ll get a lot of use out of your pool, and that means your equipment will be well-used and sometimes needs repairs. Caribbean Pools’ technicians can perform repairs on filters, pumps, heaters, and more. We also offer full pool and spa inspections. Just call to schedule a visit!
  • Renovations: Caribbean Pools can take care of your major and minor pool renovations, whether it’s a damaged wall replacement or a complete pool redesign.

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Swimming pool installation near Dyer is an investment, but it’s one that substantially pays off immediately. Between saving you money on yearly vacations to bringing your family together during the summer, an inground pool installed by Caribbean Pools is a great choice. Call or message us to get an estimate or schedule a consultation with an expert pool designer.

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