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Swimming Pools for Fun in the Sun near St. John

Summer days are longer and more laid-back. Adding a swimming pool is the best way to create the perfect backdrop for a season of swimming, laughs, memories and more. Our crew members at Caribbean Pools & Spas know all about pools and all aspects of installation, maintenance and repairs. Our expertise, knowledge and know-how is all based on our years of experience in the field as we have worked on and installed so many pools in the Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana region. We have been around since 1976, and we feel that our customers are like family. We strive to provide tops in service and products. We help you have fun and not work on your inground pool all season long, but swim in it and have fun.

Swimming Pools Begin with Installation in St. John

If you are ready to launch into pool ownership, let our team take you through the process. We provide advice and guidance on design, placement and ownership in the initial days. You can select from a variety of shapes for your inground pool, depending on your preferences, property and space. You can also choose your lining and colors. We can help you create the poolscape that fits your family and style, so hanging around outside your inground pool is as fun as swimming in it. The project is a step-by-step process that we will guide you through, including obtaining the proper permits for the construction and installation on your property.

Keep in mind that the process will begin with a design consultation. We will listen to your ideas and preferences and sync them up with your available space and property limitations. The construction phase can take weeks, depending on weather and additional factors that may impact our timeline. Our services include all of your inground pools’ lighting, cement work, tiling, plumbing, electrical work, dirt removal, stone backfill and initial familiarization with your equipment and how to handle chemicals. We also provide you with all of your equipment and a start-up kit with your vacuum pieces, safety rope, thermometer, backwash equipment and testing kit.

Maintenance Services for Swimming Pools near St. John

We can help you maintain your inground pool and the water throughout the seasons and years. We can come out and test your water and clean your pool, including vacuuming and brushing your pool walls. We can visit you at the beginning and end of the swimming season to get your inground pool open and then closed. Our locations carry many of the supplies that you will need, such as pool chemicals and pool covers. If you think there is an issue with any aspect of your pool, we provide repair services and renovations.

Our Team Knows Swimming Pools in St. John

We are happy to answer your questions and provide guidance on your water chemicals. Connect with our team through our online contact form today. 

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