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Caribbean Pools is the premier provider of high-quality Tinley Park pool supplies. From essential pool chemicals to replacement equipment, our pool contractors have the products you require the most. If you need to stock up on crucial pool supplies, stop by Caribbean Pools, and our retail team will happily assist.

The Three C’s of Pool Care

Caring for your inground pool is about more than keeping the waters clean; it’s about protecting your investment. From maintaining the target pH levels to ensuring your water is being circulated properly, there is a lot to know about pool maintenance. To simplify the process, and help determine which Tinley Park pool supplies you need, the contractors at Caribbean Pools have split the pool care system up into three parts. These steps include the three C’s of pool care:

  • Circulation: Proper circulation in your pool is vital in maintaining the quality of your water. A high-quality, functioning pump and filtration system helps to keep water from being stagnant. Turning off your filtration system also eliminates your pool’s ability to heat itself.
  • Cleaning: Cleaning your pool is an essential step of its maintenance. Depending on how often you use your pool, it’s recommended that you clean your pool one to two times per week, with a deep clean at least once a week. Your cleaning routine should include brushing the steps, walls, and other surfaces of your pool, vacuuming the floor and emptying the pump and skimmer baskets. This prevents debris and dirt build-up and keeps your pool in excellent condition overall.
  • Chemistry: Pool chemicals are some of the most vital Tinley Park pool supplies. Maintaining your pool’s chemistry requires a concoction of chlorine, pH increases and decreases, and more. Test your pool water at least once a week to help nip issues before they grow to significant problems. Either purchase a set of test kits for convenience or bring a sample of your water to one of our retail locations and have a staff member test it for free.

All Your Pool Supplies and Services in One Place

Knowing the required products, going out and purchasing them, and then performing the maintenance on your pool can be tedious work. With the help of Caribbean Pools, you can find all of the necessary Tinley Park pool supplies and services in one convenient location. From chemicals to cleaning supplies to covers, we have the professionally recommended pool supplies you need to clean, maintain, and protect your inground swimming pool. Additionally, our pool contractors offer a slew of professional services designed to provide you with the assistance you need, when you need it. From maintenance visits to pool renovations, Caribbean Pools has the tools, skills, and contractor-power necessary to cut down the time spent caring for your pool and increase its relaxation and enjoyment.

Stock Up on Pool Supplies at Caribbean Pools

Whether you need to purchase Tinley Park pool supplies or want to schedule a maintenance visit, give Caribbean Pools a call. We have all the tools and services your inground swimming pool needs to stay in great shape.

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