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Getting an inground pool is a big decision. Essentially, you’re choosing to invest in you and your family’s health and happiness. A swimming pool is a centerpiece for your summer activities, and it becomes a place that you’ll return time and time again to relax. Discuss your plans with a Valparaiso inground pool contractor at Caribbean Pools.

Install a Pool With Our Valparaiso Inground Pool Contractor

Pool installation can be a complex process, but it’s pretty straightforward if you hire the right pool construction team. We make the process comprehensive by explaining each step. Creating your dream poolscape is our mission. Since 1976, our team has delivered outstanding pool installation services for our clients. 

Our pool contractor comes to the installation site to determine a suitable layout. Paired with your feedback, we build a customized poolscape that speaks to your greatest wishes. Do you want a pool that has a slide and other fun features for your children? Or, do you want a simple pool for relaxing with an outdoor kitchen? No matter what your dream poolscape looks like, we’ll help you achieve it. 

How Pool Installation Works

Deciding to install a pool is a big decision. After all, it’s not the same as purchasing an inflatable pool, which you can put up and take down. An inground pool is a major addition to your home that provides all the comfort and privacy you’re looking for. With such a huge project ahead, it’s normal to feel nervous! 

Knowing what to expect when we work on your swimming pool will ease your mind. Pool installation generally takes seven to eight weeks, depending on delays and the complexity of the design. 

    • Initial Design. Before we do any actual construction, we need to plan ahead. Working closely with you, we survey your yard and help you choose the right design. Pools come in many shapes and sizes, so we’ll help you pick. 
    • Layout and Excavation. These steps occur at the same time. Our contractor will outline the pool’s dimensions in your yard and begin to remove debris, plants and soil from that region. We dig a deep hole that serves as the area where your pool will be constructed. 
    • Building Begins. This is where things get exciting. We begin to build the shell of your pool, along with the plumbing and filter equipment. Next comes electrical components, including the lighting.  
    • Siding and Decking. We add the vinyl siding and build the decking system. 
    • Fencing and Startup. Once we’ve installed the fencing around your pool and taken care of the finishing touches, we fill it up with water and make sure all parts are functioning properly. If you’d like, we’ll also train you in some of the pool basics so you know exactly how to care for your pool. 

Pool installation is easy when you work with our team. We have decades of experience in a range of pool services, helping you get acquainted with your brand new pool. 

Call Our Valparaiso Inground Pool Contractor

Dive right into pool construction with Caribbean Pools! Our Valparaiso inground pool contractor will guide you through the process. We offer outstanding customer service to provide a seamless experience. Contact us now to get started. 

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