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Valparaiso Inground Pool Installers

Getting an inground pool is exciting. It’s the opportunity to create a poolscape that truly captures what you are dreaming of. No matter what features you’d like to see in your poolscape—whether it’s an outdoor kitchen or a patio with a gazebo—Caribbean Pools will help you accomplish it. We’ve been working since 1976 on creating beautiful inground pools paired with comfortable outdoor living areas. We are confident in our ability to deliver the results you want. 

Friendly, Capable Valparaiso Inground Pool Installers

At Caribbean Pools, we’ve delivered outstanding services for over 40 years. We are dedicated to the mission on which our company was founded, and that’s one to deliver the best service possible. We know how stressful it can be when you want to install an inground pool. Navigating the pool installation process takes assistance since it involves permit approval and other potentially confusing steps. You can rely on our team to make it comprehensible for you. 

We are a big advocate for education in pool maintenance. We don’t simply install your pool and be on our way: our team is ready to help you with all of your pool-related needs. Let us teach you the basics of pool maintenance and show you the top products used to keep pools clean. We believe this comprehension is pertinent to making the most of your inground pool, which is why our pool installers go the extra mile for you.   

Our pool construction team is: 

  • Talented
  • Experienced
  • Friendly
  • Dedicated
  • Flexible

Our Pool Services

Pool construction is a part of what we do. It’s one of our main services alongside repairs and renovations. Installing a brand new pool is a sometimes complex process, so you will be glad to have our team at your side. 

Our other services include: 

  • Repairs. Repairing a pool ensures it is ready to go. If you have a problem with your pool, our team will be there as soon as possible to solve it. We do repair both big and small, although if we believe a renovation or replacement would be more cost-effective, we’ll let you know. 
  • Maintenance. Maintaining a swimming pool is more simple than you may think. With the right products, your pool will practically take care of yourself! All you need to do is add the right chemicals and use testing strips to make sure the levels are balanced. We can help you with this process. 
  • Pool Closing and Openings. Are you getting your pool ready for the year? Or is it time to prepare it for the winter? No matter what you need, we will set your pool up for the season. We do a thorough job so you can feel confident in our capability. 

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Getting an inground pool is a major decision that will make your family’s lives so much more enjoyable. At Caribbean Pools, we believe in the transformative power of an inground swimming pool. You will have a reason to look forward to summer each year as you spend time with your family in the sun. Call our Valparaiso inground pool installers now!

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