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Anyone with an inground pool knows the importance of maintaining a proper chemical balance. From sanitation to avoiding structural damage to your pool, adding the right chemicals makes all the difference. Be sure to stock up on everything you need this summer. Caribbean Pools has a variety of essential Valparaiso pool chemicals. We are a leading team of pool installers that offer a range of quality services, so talk to us today about your pool’s needs or get started on a construction project. 

Taking Care of Your Pool Is Easy With Caribbean Pools

At Caribbean Pools, we are dedicated to helping our clients maintain their pool’s cleanliness and beauty all summer. We know how important your pool is to you. After all, it’s quite the investment, and you deserve to keep it shining for many years to come. Keeping the water clean is a matter of using the right chemicals to disinfect germs, solve cloudiness and protect your pool’s siding from acidity. With the right products, the process is easy. 

Since 1976, our team has been a leading pool construction company. Clients depend on us to help them with their pool-related concerns both big and small. We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished and love meeting new clients. Even if we didn’t install your pool, we’re happy to lend you a hand as your most trusted pool contractors.

The Essential Valparaiso Pool Chemicals

We have all of the pool chemicals you need both in-store and on our online shop, including: 

  • Algicide. If left to its own devices, algae can become quite the issue. Algae growth causes your pool to look cloudy and renders it unpleasant to swim in. In worst-case scenarios, algae might damage parts of your pool, so be sure to add an algicide to kill algae before it gets bad.
  • Spa Chemicals. Hot tubs need different chemicals compared to your pool since they operate at higher temperatures. Keep your spa clean and safe for enjoyment with our products. 
  • Sanitizers. Bacteria easily grows in your pool’s water as well as on its physical features. Use powerful sanitizers to mitigate bacteria growth. 
  • Cleaners. We have a variety of products that maintain your pool’s fresh look and smell. With them, you can wash the sides of your pool, clean the filters, get rid of stains and more. 
  • Shock. Pool shock is a strong disinfectant that increases the water’s free chlorine levels. It comes in liquid and granular forms depending on your needs. 

Choosing the right chemicals is easiest when you speak with our professionals. We’ll direct you to the right products based on what’s happening with your pool. For instance, is there algae growth or an unpleasant smell? Does the water look dirty? These problems can be attributed to a number of complications, both related to your pool’s chemistry as well as the technical components. In some cases, it may be necessary to do a full checkup. Just let us know what’s up, and our team will help. 

Buy Pool Chemicals Now

Find all the Valparaiso pool chemicals you need at Caribbean Pools. Contact us to learn more. 

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