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The moment you dive into your brand new inground pool, you’ll be so glad to have made the decision to install one. Caribbean Pools brings your ideas for a poolscape to life. As one of the leading Valparaiso pool installation companies, we can make your dreams a reality. Our team has the skills needed to take your project to the next level, so don’t hesitate to reach out. 

Why We’re One of the Best Valparaiso Pool Installation Companies

At Caribbean Pools, our team has completed countless projects. Since 1976, we’ve been working on pools and creating custom poolscapes out of muddy yards. We know how big of an impact a pool has on your life, and we want to share that passion with you. Watch as we turn your boring backyard into your newest summer getaway. 

What makes us one of the best? We’ve established quite a reputation in the region as a dependable pool construction company. Clients can depend on us for the outstanding results they need in a timely manner. We manage all parts of the construction process, as our goal is to make it as easy for you to comprehend as possible. We’re here to answer your questions, and whenever you run into a problem, we’ll be there to fix it. You’ll have unending summer fun with our team just a call away. 

Our Pool Services

We offer a wide variety of pool services. We know how much it takes to manage a pool, and we aim to make it a bit easier by providing outstanding service. We will be there for your allotted time to open your pool, clean the filter, fix plumbing work and more. No matter what kind of job you need us to do, our team will be there in a flash. 

We offer a number of services for new and current clients, including: 

  • New pool construction: we build new pools from the ground up. Talk to our team about your design ideas. 
  • Repairs: We’re happy to do regular repairs and troubleshoot various issues you may run into. 
  • Maintenance: There’s a lot that goes into keeping your pool in top shape, and we are here to lend a hand. We have the supplies and services needed to maintain your pool. 
  • Cleaning parts of the pool: The internal parts of your pool can become clogged with debris and other substances. We clear these out to keep the summer fun going. 
  • Renovations: Do you see potential in your pool’s layout? We can help improve your pool’s comfort and beauty. 

Whether we installed your pool or not, we are more than happy to help! We are well-versed in many areas of pool maintenance, so just let us know what you need us to do. Managing a pool takes time and energy, but with the right help, it’s easy. We also have an entire store filled with all the products you need. From pool chemicals to cleaning supplies, we have it all. Taking care of your pool will be no problem this summer. 

Contact Caribbean Pools Now

Caribbean Pools is proud to be one of the leading Valparaiso pool installation companies. We love working with clients both new and old, so if you need a trustworthy pool contractor to help you with a problem, we’re ready to help! Call us today to learn more about our pool construction services. 

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