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Winfield Pool Supplies Still Needed in Off-Season

Pool supplies can be a year-round purchase as you are staying up on your duties as an inground pool owner. Keeping everything in order and up-to-date with your inground pool in the colder months can help make your transition back into the warmer weather and swimming season even smoother and easier. Check in with our team at Caribbean Pools & Spas for all of your essential supplies as well as any maintenance, cleaning, repair or renovation services that may be needed at any time throughout the year.  Among the pool services that our Caribbean crew offers are new pool design, planning and construction, pool openings and closings, recurring maintenance packages, pool equipment upkeep, pool repairs and pool renovations.

Winfield Pool Supplies at our Convenient Locations

Our team can discuss with you what supplies you are needing as we carry many products. We can assist you with your pool chemical needs during the swimming season and also test your water for you and provide a printout that details your water’s chemical composition. This will help you maintain a wonderful water feel and look for a great pool! We also can provide you with your pool covers, pool liners as well as fun items, such as pool toys and games. Our expert team is available to answer your questions and provide guidance as needed. We know a lot about our products and pools and we are happy to offer our advice.

For example, your pool’s cover is vital. It helps alleviate evaporation, which can wreak havoc on your water level and prompt adding water. New water can affect your water’s chemicals as well. Having a properly functioning cover allows for keeping your water at a comfortable temperature to cut down on your heating costs as well as keep debris out. No one wants to be working on their pool when they can be in it having fun throughout the summer!

Winfield Pool Supplies and Services are Available

When the weather starts to warm up and thoughts of swimming begin to surface, contact our crew to set up a time for us to come out and help you open up your inground pool. At Caribbean, we offer various levels of opening services. We can start up your equipment and check it over and prime your pool system. We will also remove your winter cover. We can also check out your chemicals and add and adjust their levels as needed. If we determine that there are any equipment issues that have surfaced over the colder months, we can take care of these repairs for you to get your swimming season going on the right foot.

Connect With Our Team for Your Winfield Pool Supplies

Our Caribbean crew members are here for you year-round. If you want to connect with our team, reach out through our online contact form today.

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