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Common Inground Pool Problems and How to Solve Them

There are a few issues you may run into. At Caribbean Pools, our team has handled a number of pool-related issues and repairs. No matter what it is you’re dealing with, our contractors will be there to help. Here are the most common complications and how our team can help you solve them.

Water Levels Are Too Low

A pool’s water levels are vital to not just your comfort but also its function. Water levels that are too high or too low will affect the concentration of chemicals. You can check if your pool’s water is too low or empty, which indicates there may be buildup or a problem with the pump. 

There are many reasons your pool’s water is suddenly low. Often, it’s simply due to an improper pool cover. A working pool cover keeps water from evaporating on hot, sunny days. If this is the case, then all you need to do is get a brand new vinyl cover. In other cases, it may indicate a problem with the pool’s technical parts, which warrants a check-up by one of our professionals. 

Algae Growth

If you’ve ever visited a freshwater lake or a pond, you’ve likely spotted a distinct green film on the surface. Algae is actually a living organism that sometimes grows in swimming pools. There are two major reasons you may have algae growth. First, your pool’s filter works hard to clear out foreign contaminants, and that includes bacteria. Regularly replacing or cleaning the filter promotes a healthier, cleaner pool. You also should consider the filter’s size. A larger filter with proper flow ensures it works optimally. If you need help cleaning a filter, we can help. 

The second most common is the water’s pH. The pH balance plays an important role in mitigating algae since it influences chlorine levels, so if the pH is too high, you’ll see the telltale green tint indicating there’s a problem. We have all the pool chemicals you need to treat and prevent algae growth, so don’t hesitate to come and explore our products. 

High Energy Consumption

With the right inground pool, you can minimize energy consumption. There are several factors that impact efficient heating, however. From the season to overnight temperatures, there’s a lot to consider if you discover your pool is using significant amounts of energy. 

Our experts can arrive and examine your pool. Sometimes, the issue may be internal, so if you aren’t sure how to navigate your pool’s technical parts, we can step in. 

Improperly Winterized

Closing a pool is a vital part of keeping it in top shape. Winter can truly test your pool’s durability. Winterizing your pool prepares it for the cold months ahead and ensures it remains safe while it waits until next year. If you didn’t close it properly, you may be greeted by cracked siding, tears in the liner and other major issues the following spring. Do yourself a favor and hire a professional team to properly close your pool. We’ll ensure everything’s good to go.   

Contact Our Pool Contractors

Managing a pool is easier with a professional at your side. Depend on Caribbean Pools for the full range of services you need. We’ll solve your inground pool’s problems in no time. Give us a call today! 




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