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Decoding the Secret to a Comfortable Dip in Your Pool

While water temperature can depend on the individual, there are sweet spots that make it the most comfortable for certain people. First and foremost, your water’s temperature obviously fluctuates with the amount of sun that it gets as well as the outdoor air temp. Summer in the region is never a typical summer, so be ready for whatever the weather throws at you and still keep your water refreshingly comfortable.

What Feels the Best

Ideally, you should try to keep your water temperature between 78 degrees and 82 degrees F.  If you have children swimming and playing a lot in your pool, the recommendation is around 84 degrees F. Having seniors over 60 utilizing the pool more does affect the recommended range. A warmer temperature range can not only feel better to seniors but also help with their movement while in the pool, especially if they have arthritis. If you are a senior or have seniors in your life who swim, kick up the temperature to between 86 degrees F and 88 degrees F.

It can be costly to try to bump up the temperature for just a temporary swimmer or guest as your heater can boost energy costs up to 30 percent per degree. Keeping your water on the warmer side is only recommended for when there are consistent swimmers in these age groups. A solar cover can help with a steady feel no matter what temperature you keep your pool water at on a regular basis. If you are not swimming during the day, it will take on the power of the sun, and if you use one at night, it can help hold in the heat of the day. When the cover is removed in the morning, your heater will not have to work as hard to get your water to the desired temperature.

Why It Is Important

While a consistent pool feel can be beneficial for sensitive groups, it also can help in other ways. A steady temperature can actually help with controlling algae and bacteria growth. It is all part of the process of your chemical control and battle against contaminants. Did you know that too high of a pool temperature can create a breeding ground for the gross stuff? Bacteria and algae are more comfortable in higher temps. If your water gets warmer naturally due to the sun and hotter summer days, watch your water tests as you may need to shock it more or cool it down.

If you have to mess with your pool chemistry, it can really throw off the overall balance of your water. We are happy to test your water for you and offer some insight into what the numbers mean.

Questions About Your Water?

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