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Design Your Own Swimming Pool Oasis

While your inground pool is the center of attention, there are many additional elements that you can add to your backyard to truly make it an oasis worthy of everything from pool parties to private relaxing time. Check out these ideas to get you going on creating the perfect place to be all summer long.

Choose your vibe: A great starting point to sprucing up your pool area is to center on a theme or feeling that you enjoy. Are you a tropical sort? Or more of an elegant style? Whatever you enjoy, you can create an oasis around your pool that has the feel of any style that you most gravitate toward.

A place for everything: A house has rooms and areas that are key to the flow of life. You can also create areas around your pool to allow for a great space. An outdoor kitchen may be part of your idea if you are a grill master who enjoys entertaining. This zone could include a grill, cooking area and outdoor dining room. If you crave shade sometimes, a pergola or large outdoor umbrella can be a focal point of your relaxing zone.

Everything in its place: While pool toys are fun and add to your enjoyment of swimming season, they can be big and unruly. Having great storage options right outdoors around your pool can make it less stressful when you just want to swim and not be cleaning and organizing stuff all summer long.

Add some freshness: Plants and greenery will add a lushness to your outdoor oasis that will add to the outdoor natural feel of your spot. If you have a green thumb, this is a no-brainer. Just keep in mind that your plants should not be too close to your inground pool if they have a large root system and any blooming trees can add more work as they lose leaves and flowers. If you prefer pots full of plants, they can be added to your pool zone as well. Just keep in mind where you place them, so they do not become a hazard when kids – and adults- are walking around the pool.

Sparkle beyond the water: If you and your family are night swimmers, then lights can not only add a way to light the area, but also bring a great ambiance to your area. There are many types of lighting to explore to fit your vibe and need for lighting.

Relax and Let Our Team Maintain Your Pool

No matter what your outdoor oasis looks like, you want to enjoy it and our team at Caribbean Pools & Spas can help you do that. Our crew can help you clean your pool and keep your water chemicals at an optimal level. We can work with you today on a plan to help you enjoy your summer. We are available through our online contact form




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We at Caribbean understand that this is a large investment to enhance your family’s summer. That’s why we focus on supporting your throughout the entire life of your pool. So let’s talk today about your project.

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