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DIY versus Pro Pool Maintenance: Finding the Right Balance for You

Whether you are a new pool owner or have been swimming in your pool for years, one thing does not change: You have to maintain your pool. From chemical testing and balancing to vacuuming and skimming, there is always something to do during the pool season and warmer months – not to mention when it’s time to open or close your outdoor oasis!

Do-It-Yourselfers Find a Routine

We have found over the years that there are basic weekly checklists that our pool owners typically follow. These include:

Debris Be Gone: Consistently skimming the surface of your water to clear it of leaves, twigs, debris and bugs can help keep your filter clear and cut back on your vacuuming time. This is especially important in the fall and winter seasons if you keep your pool open longer and leaves begin to fall.

A Good Scrub: Dirt and smaller bits of debris can collect around your ladder, slides or other pool features as well as start to cling to your walls. A good scrub with your pool brush is key to keeping things clear.

Get To The Bottom: Of course, nothing replaces a good vacuuming of your pool, especially if you have not been in it to swim for a few days. Calm water creates time for debris to settle to the bottom instead of being caught in the filter.

Watch Your Skimmer: Make sure that your water level is halfway up the skimmer to ensure that debris will be collected effectively and clean it out weekly or after a rain shower or thunderstorm. Also, run your pool pump on a schedule to keep your water circulating and filtered.

Chemical Checkup: The top chore for pool owners is testing, balancing and maintaining their water chemical levels. Understanding what your water levels mean and what they need is the largest learning curve for new pool owners. Our team at Caribbean Pools & Spas can help with not only testing your water (just bring a sample into our stores), but also showing you what your levels are and if and how they need to be adjusted. 

Sometimes You Need Some Help

If you are tied up with other obligations, we can assist with your recurring pool maintenance! Our team has put together a variety of packages that will fit your needs – whether you are a part-time do-it-yourselfer or not. At the top is our Platinum Offering, which includes two full-service cleanings and chemical applications a week. Our Silver Offering is for just a twice-a-week chemical assist if this is a chore that you prefer not to do on your own. Our Gold Package will help with everything during one visit and just chemicals during the other.

Our team is also happy to open or close your pool each season. We can discuss what your professional pool needs are and what we can take off your plate!

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