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Enhance Your Backyard with an Outdoor Kitchen


Hanging out outside in your backyard is one thing. Having the amenities and extras to almost live outside all season long is another thing and a whole new way of embracing your own personal space. At Caribbean Pools & Spas, we truly embrace what the outdoors can mean to a family, their friends, neighbors and more. You can truly enhance your quality of life with a special space that is just for chilling, having fun and connecting to make more memories of spending time together. One way to add to your entertainment vibe is with a stocked and fresh new outdoor kitchen.

Here are concepts and ideas to consider when putting together an outdoor cooking and entertaining spot:

Function for you: If you are more of a grill master, then you will need the tops in grills for your outdoor kitchen area. At Caribbean, we carry a great line of grills – Big Green Egg – that can add to your grilling skill set. BGE is available in a charcoal version so that you can cook up savory steaks, chicken and pork chops. These grills are versatile to cook at both low temperatures for a smoking vibe or at high heat too. Another aspect of functionality is having enough storage space to keep your key tools right at hand, so that you do not have to go running into the house every few minutes while trying to grill up dinner.

Rest and relax: Even though you are creating a cooking and grilling area, you still will want a place to be comfortable for you on your breaks and also your guests. Having comfy seating will encourage everyone to gather around and allow you to create a wonderful meal while still being part of the conversation. This will also allow you to have spots to sit and eat when dinner or lunch is served.

Style matters: Your outdoor kitchen can also look great and add to your property’s style and overall vibe. Pergolas, landscaping, hardscape, colors, counters and more can add to your outdoor kitchen and really ramp up your space.

Lights for night: Strings lights for ambiance will create a more beautiful outdoor space. If you plan to grill or cook in the evening, make sure you have adequate lighting to work with to avoid any kitchen accidents.

It’s in the details: Do not forget to add what makes you most happy or what will make the space work best for you, such as the best appliances, bar essentials or cute storage options.

Let Our Crew Help Design Your Outdoor Living Space

If you would like help getting going on your project, our team members can work with you on a plan to create the perfect outdoor kitchen and outdoor living area. Our expertise is from decades in the industry working with so many homeowners here in our region. You can contact us through our online contact form.




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