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Fall is the Best Time for a Pool Renovation

While a problem may force you to address a pool repair during the season, the best time to really dive into any changes and renovations is during the fall. The height of the season for any pool company and contractors will always be spring and summer, so fall is the ideal time to snag an appointment and get your project going.

Additional reasons to launch your renovation during cooler weather:

Less Time Lost: There are only so many days that you can jump in and enjoy your pool during the summer season here in the region! Why waste any of these precious sunny and warm times by having your pool work on unless absolutely necessary? It is really a relief to have any renovations wait until your family is heading out of swimming season, and they can enjoy as much pool time as possible.

Easier to Schedule: Oftentimes, pool contractors are not as busy during the fall season, so there may be not only incentives, but also more flexibility to get your particular project in. As spring is often the busier pool season for installation, fall offers a time for more readily available materials and supplies.

Wiggle room: As fall is months before your pool opening for the next season, you have the time to get in all of your renovations and repairs that are needed. As other home improvement projects, sometimes the full extent of what work needs to be done is not uncovered until the project begins. If your pool needs more work than you expected, there is time to get it all done. Taking care of issues in fall allows for you to winterize your pool before the snow flies and your water totally freezes as well.

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At Caribbean Pools & Spas, our pool contractors have been in the industry since 1976. We offer a range of key pool services from new pool construction to pool renovations and repairs. Pool renovations can address a range of problems at your older inground pool. We can work on your damaged walls as these provide the structure and safety that your pool needs. Cracked or broken areas can fall into your pool water. If you are ready for a whole new design as an update, we can work with you on this as well for a pool renovation. If you have consistent repairs, it is time to address those issues with new equipment.

Pool repairs can include taking care of all components of your inground pool that have been affected after a summer of swimming and usage. We can perform pressure testing and pool diving to determine if you have a leak as well as work on your plumbing, heater, pump, filter, chlorinator and more. If you have questions, contact our crew through our online contact form today.




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We at Caribbean understand that this is a large investment to enhance your family’s summer. That’s why we focus on supporting your throughout the entire life of your pool. So let’s talk today about your project.

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