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Features that Promote Tranquility Around Your Pool

Your inground pool is a source of fun and activity for guests, family members and friends, for sure. While fun is the top reason you have a pool, what about relaxing and embracing tranquility? It can also be this type of a special spot for easing stress and feeling refreshed by adding features that can provide peace and tranquility. 

Check out some elements that can add to this gentle vibe:

A different source of water: Sure there is plenty of water right there in your pool, but a water feature can add a calming effect to your poolscape and provide a place to unwind. A waterfall is a great way to add this type of ambiance. A fountain is another option that is available in a variety of designs and looks. Jets and bubblers may not be as quiet, but do provide visual interest to your space.

The right lights: Serenity is obtained with the right color of lights. They can enhance your water feature or add that certain something to your poolside.

A way to relax: While deck chairs or loungers are a place to soak up the sun, they are not the most comfortable seats around. By bringing some of the inside outside, you can have your own personal living room of sorts around your pool. Patio furniture has come a long way and can truly be like furniture with comfy cushions and pillows.

A touch of greenery: Landscaping around your pool and outdoor space is just as important to a quiet space as it is to curb appeal in your front yard. Plants and flowers can add greenery and color without the leaves and debris of trees. Planters can provide a place to switch out your greenery depending on the season.

The sounds of relaxation: Having a source of music outside can create either the calming or party environment that you crave, depending on your mood or event! Music can really make an event or help you unwind if you have had a stressful day. Install speakers or purchase a portable wireless unit to take it wherever you are located. 

The scents of relaxation: Aromatherapy is a key way to relax. Certain scents can reduce your stress and boost your mood. Pots of fragrant herbs, such as lavender and rosemary, are an easy addition that can provide a huge source of relaxation.

Expertise, Experience Can Help Create Your Perfect Space

The Caribbean crew can help with your other elements of outdoor living. We have umbrellas on hand and can work with you on putting together an outdoor kitchen or fire pit. The twinkling of a fire is another way to feel at peace and relax. We are happy to answer your questions or provide guidance on your projects. Reach out to us through our online contact form for help with creating a refreshed space today. 




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