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Finding the Right Pool Builder for You

Now that you have embraced the decision to install an inground pool, your next step is to connect with a pool contractor that fits your needs. We have compiled some key questions to consider as you navigate the world of pool ownership.

What Services Does the Pool Contractor Offer?

Of course, you want to have a pool installed, so you want a builder that is reliable and takes care of all of the key components of putting in an inground pool. You want a contractor that will take you through the process step-by-step and make sure that all areas are covered. At Caribbean Pools & Spas, our team’s pool installation process includes everything that will pave the way toward pool ownership. Our crew members can help with your initial design and pool type. We take care of all of the construction components as well. You can also rely on us to obtain any needed permits, startup your pool and balance your water’s chemistry as well as complete an initial winterization.

Having a pool builder that goes beyond just building will also help you throughout your time as a pool owner. You can count on our team at Caribbean to work with you at every stage of pool ownership. We have maintenance packages to clean your pool and help with its chemistry. Our team can come out to take care of these to-do’s, so that you can enjoy your life as a pool owner.

Are There Good References and a Commitment to Communities?

You want to work with a reputable team and pool builder that will not up and leave you with a big hole in your backyard. Connect with a team that has references and a project list that you can check out for yourself. Working with a pool builder that has extensive experience in the business is also a huge benefit. You can feel safe in the fact that the business has roots and will be around for a long time to help you with any issues that may surface in the future.

What Are the Prices for Services?

Getting an estimate of what your pool installation will cost is a great first step in selecting the best pool builder. You should ask for a breakdown of what is included, so that you go into the process clearly understanding how it will impact your budget. At Caribbean, we understand that installing a new inground pool is an investment, and we will work closely with you every step of the way.

We Are Proud of Our Reputation

Since 1976, our crew has been serving our communities here in the region and taking care of all of families’ pool and hot tub needs. Your outdoor oasis should be your happy place, and we are here to help you make sure that is true! We can answer your questions at any time through our online contact form




Family fun in the sun, since 1976!

We at Caribbean understand that this is a large investment to enhance your family’s summer. That’s why we focus on supporting your throughout the entire life of your pool. So let’s talk today about your project.

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