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Five Genius Ways to Create Privacy Around Your Hot Tub

A spa is a perfect spot to unwind from the day – but without the eyes of neighbors on you! Privacy is a must when you want to feel at home in your hot tub. We can suggest ways to create the private and peaceful place that you truly crave at the end of a long day.

  1. A simple screen: If your hot tub is in a place that will change functions during different seasons, you do not necessarily want a permanent fix for privacy. A screen is portable and there are different types to fit your place and style. 
  2. Greenery: Potted plants can be the answer for not only more privacy, but also a touch of nature close as part of your patio or hot tub platform. Ornamental grass, bamboo or trellis-growing vines can all be the solution that you need.
  3. Shade sails: These can block out more than just the sun! They can be helpful if you have a two-story home next door or a neighbor higher up on a slope. 
  4. Under cover: A patio umbrella can serve more than one function around your place! When it is not sunny and warm, you can move your umbrella over to your hot tub where it can be positioned to add the perfect amount of privacy. Cantilevered styles come in many sizes, shapes and colors. A side umbrella that attaches to your hot tub is another option to consider.
  5. Permanent answer: If you realize that umbrellas, screens or sun sails are not your thing or are not providing exactly what you want, there are more permanent structures that you can put into place. A gazebo, pergola or other type of roofed structure can not only add an element of style, but an enclosure for your hot tub. There are do-it-yourself type kits available and once it is in place, it can be an anchor for side shades to provide privacy while still allowing a breeze and the feel of being outside in nature.

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