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Holiday Gifts for Your Grilling Friends, Family

Whether your crew is new or already part of the Big Green Egg family, we have the extra accessories that will take your cooking experience to the next level! At Caribbean Pools & Spas, we carry many products for becoming a barbecue master.

First and foremost, the Big Green Egg is a unique kamado-style grill in both shape, color and versatility. It comes in a range of sizes for portability or building up your outdoor kitchen space. Kamado-style means that the grill can cook at low temperature for a long period of time as well as high heat for the perfect dish. The grills are dependable and made from durable materials to last.

Our Checklist for Gift Giving Tools of the Trade

  1. Natural Lump Charcoal: Your food will have its best flavor when it is grilled above premium carbonized wood with no additives. These 100% natural American oak and hickory hardwood briquettes are easy to light, burn hotter and leave less ash and less waste. There are two sizes available: 10 lbs. or 20 lbs.
  2. Charcoal Starters: Our boxes of squares will get your grill going without leaving behind odor, taste, chemicals or residue. It is recommended that you do not use lighter fluid for Big Green Eggs.
  3. BBQ Glove: The extra long design helps protect your wrist and lower arm. It is made from heat-resistant fibers up to 475 degrees. 
  4. Cleaning Brush: A dual-spiral grid cleaner helps make cleaning easier with no scratches left behind.
  5. Ash Tool Sets: No matter what size of Egg that you have, there is an ash tool utensil set to fit it. These help maneuver the charcoal ash left behind out of the draft door to keep your Egg as clean as possible.
  6. Tools, racks and roaster: The grill toolset includes all of the essentials for barbecuing, such as tongs, spatula and basting brush. The rack can be used for ribs or a roast with just a flip and the vertical roaster’s shape and design ensure even browning and cooking.
  7. DigiQ: Maintaining the proper temperature can make or break a dish. The temperature control system keeps your grills at the plugged in temperature for hours on end. It mounts right onto the Egg.
  8. Wireless Thermometer: This version can take the temperature with you on the receiver display and alert you when the inside of the Egg has reached the temperature you want.
  9. Nests, Carriers and Custom: From mini and medium to large and XX Large, all the Eggs can be carried or nestled inside a stand. The Custom Cooking Island can surround the larger size eggs with storage, shelves and convenience. 

Come Shop With Us

Stop by one of our three locations in Valparaiso, Schererville or Mokena, IL, to learn more about the Big Green Egg line or ask our team questions. We can also be reached through our online contact form.




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