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How Does Rain Affect My Pool Water Chemistry?

Staying on top of your pool water’s chemistry is an important component of owning a pool and being able to enjoy it all season long. By understanding how rain affects your pool water, you can work to keep it at its optimum levels for an enjoyable swimming experience. 

Let’s break down how rain can impact your water’s chemistry, look and feel. Rain is full of what it picks up as it falls through the atmosphere, including spores, dust and pollutants. It also has a lower level of pH than what is best for your pool. When your pH levels get out of whack, that is what can cause discomfort to your eyes and the area around them. As a reminder, the pH level is a test of how much acidity is in your pool water. Not only can certain levels be uncomfortable to swimmers, but they can also damage your heater, pump and other pool equipment. Too much pH can also affect how your chlorine works. 

Too Much Rain Can Have an Effect

So how can rain affect these levels? A large amount of rain in one storm or days of daily rain can lower the pH in your pool. It really depends on how much rain you receive. A light rain should not cause concern or pool owners to run out and try to raise the pH level. Any fluctuation from a light rain will more than likely work out on its own over the course of a few days. If there has been a dump of rainwater, you may need to take action. This does depend on what your pool chemistry was in the first place as well. The best step is to test your water as soon as you can and adjust as needed. Our team here at Caribbean Pools & Spas is happy to test your water for you if you are unsure of your own tests or need another opinion. 

You should also keep an eye on the level of your water because if your pool water was already high, an influx of rainwater can raise it even more and keep your skimmer from functioning as it should. Dirt, bugs and debris can really collect in your water and create a dirty space all around your pool. Emptying out some water is a good idea beyond just testing your water.

We Are Here For You After a Storm

Our professional technicians can assist you with your pool water chemistry and cleanliness on a consistent basis with our recurring maintenance package plans. At the top of our offerings, we will see you twice a week for full-service cleanings and chemical applications. We will vacuum your pool, add chemicals as needed, brush your walls and backwash as well. If you want to set up a package plan during the swimming season, contact us through our online contact form




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