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How Often Do You Need to Replace a Pool Liner?

While there is not an exact timeline to follow, your inground pool will likely need renovations or repairs around the 10-year mark – especially when it comes to your pool’s vinyl liner. Our crew at Caribbean Pools & Spas specializes in vinyl-lined inground pools and have been installing, renovating and repairing them since 1976. Your pool is a huge investment of money, time and effort and in order to protect your investment, you need to watch for these signs that it’s time for a new pool liner.

A crack or tear: Damage – even if it is minor – is a sign that your pool’s vinyl liner is at the end. The sun and constant exposure to harsh chemicals will eventually take a toll on your liner. You should take time to check out your liner to see if there is any visible damage. It can be hard to watch, so contact our trained technicians if you have any concerns or if you want a thorough liner inspection. Aging vinyl becomes brittle and can become even more damaged.

Color changes: The sun may be your best friend during the summer but it can cause other damage to your pool’s liner, including fading. The look of your liner will deteriorate as it gets older. Among our pool services are pool renovations, which include updating your liner and design. Aesthetics can be behind your need for a new liner. Water stains can also build up, depending on how hard your water is and how old your liner is. Rust stains can be very hard to remove and become unsightly.

Wrinkles and stretching: The elasticity of your vinyl liner will be compromised as it ages. Wrinkles may begin to pop up as it does not fit your pool’s interior the same way. If it is slipping, that is a sign that it is stretching too much. Also, watch for looseness around your pool’s return jets. 

Spring a leak: The worst sign of a failing liner will be a leak. You may notice that your pool’s water level is going down dramatically. A pool leak can cause a major issue to the structure of your pool and its walls. If you are worried about a possible leak, our team can check it out with either pressure testing or pool diving. We will then provide the best next steps to keep you and your family swimming. 

Repairs and Renovations Just For You

Beyond new pool installation, we pride ourselves on offering the best in repair, renovation and maintenance services, so that you can have fun in your pool and not be working on it. Our team can help with upkeep on your entire system – from your pool’s heater and plumbing to your auto cover and lights. We can do everything from extensive renovations to cleaning and chemical testing. 

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