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How Rain Affects Your Pool Water

Our team understands that you work hard to keep your inground pool’s water clean, clear and at its optimal chemical level! While you can control how often you clean and vacuum, test and add necessary chemicals and maintain your pool’s equipment, you cannot control the weather and rainstorms throughout the warmer season.

What Can Happen After the Rain

Just as too much sunshine can burn off your chlorine content, too much rain can affect the pH balance of your pool. Rain is acidic and a sudden rush of rainwater can cause your pH levels to become off. As a reminder, your chlorine needs the proper pH balance in order to work. After lots of rain, test your pool water to help you determine what amount of chemicals you need to add and which ones. Having a sudden rush of water can also dilute your chemicals. You may need to add more chemicals to get your levels back to where they need to be. 

Beyond your water’s chemicals, rain can impact the look and cleanliness of your pool. A heavy rainstorm can stir up so much dirt and debris that is already hanging around in your backyard. This is especially true if you have lots of trees and greenery on your property. The wind and rain can also cause algae spores to travel into your space and land in your pool to bloom. Organic material is not your pool’s friend. Having a higher level of water after an accumulation of rain is also not good for your pool as it can affect your pool skimmer’s ability to function properly.

Before and After the Storm

When a large storm is in the forecast, there are some steps you should take to prepare: put away loose toys and items on your deck and around your pool, put away your patio furniture, cover your pump and heater and leave your pool cover open to protect it from damage. After a heavy rainfall or storm, you should grab any large pieces of debris, skim the surface of your pool, clean the skimmer and filter baskets, run your filter system for an extended amount of time and test your water to gauge the effects. If you are uncertain about your test results or want an expert opinion, bring a water sample into one of our Caribbean Pools & Spas locations and we can help. We will test your water, print out the results and guide you on what you need to do. 

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