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How to Clean a Cloudy Pool

There is nothing like swimming during the hottest days of the year! But if you go out in the morning to jump in and see a sea of cloudy water, you will definitely not want to take the plunge. Cloudy water can occur at any time during the swimming season. Check out some of the reasons behind unclear pool water and what you can do to clear it up.

Chlorine contentChlorine is definitely your pool’s friend, but too much is not a good thing. Having high levels of chlorine in your pool can lead to a murky look that you do not want. Just as you do not want too little chlorine to allow organisms and algae to grow, you do not want too much. Test your water to see if the levels are too high. If they are, know that the strong sunshine will help burn it off and if there are any rainstorms in the forecast. 

Hard water: If you have hard water and have recently added water to your pool, then your water can become cloudy. Calcium is often a component of hard water and can turn your water murky. You also do not want your water too soft. A hose filter can help you add water that is filtered and not as hard.

Too much rain or debris: While rain can be good for your pool as a source of water, it can stir up debris and throw stuff into your pool from surrounding trees, bushes or other vegetation. If it has rained a lot or severe storms have passed through, make sure to take the time to vacuum out your pool, scrub the walls and run your filter to clear up the debris. If you need assistance with your pool maintenance, contact our team at Caribbean Pools & Spas for help. We will come out to your place and clean up as well as test your water and add the proper chemicals.

When in doubt, test your water: You may not be able to determine the cause of your cloudy water, but the cure can be found from test results and overall upkeep of your pool and its water. You need to maintain the best chemical balance for your pool. If you are unsure about your water’s chemical composition, bring a sample to us and we can help you with your results.

Our Team Can Help With Your Inground Pool

Once you have cleared up your water, we can be there at the beginning and end of the season for your opening and closing. Our team provides an extensive array of pool services, including pool equipment upkeep and repairs or renovations. As time goes on, your pool will eventually need to be refreshed or fixed. Contact our team through our online contact form to get going on a maintenance strategy or help with your pool water. 




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