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How to Establish Your Pool Budget

Installing an inground pool at your place is an investment of money and time. But the fun in the sun and memories made will be worth it! If you are just considering putting in a pool or are ready to take the leap, consider the following when establishing your pool budget.

Initial costs: Getting a rough idea of your initial cost of installation and understanding these numbers is always vital to your first step as a pool owner. There are a range of options when installing your pool that will impact how much your upfront costs will be. Our crew at Caribbean Pools & Spas work with vinyl and fiberglass inground pool options. We can review how the size, shape and level of vinyl thickness impacts pricing. We can also visit your property to go over how your particular project specifics may change your costs. As with any home project, you have wiggle room to fit your budget and expectations on how much money you will be spending upfront.

Maintenance musts: When looking at long-term costs of owning a pool, there is a continued investment that will keep your pool at its best and have your family swimming for years and years. Continued expected expenses include chemicals, toys, floats and games, equipment update and upkeep and possible repairs. A cost many people don’t consider at first is also the electricity it will take to run your filter and heater. Our team can assist you with any of these steps along the way. Our varying levels of pool maintenance packages can help you save time, so you can better enjoy your investment.

Extras for extra: If you are wanting to fit within a particular pool budget, then you can ease back on extras or spread them out over the years of pool ownership. You can opt to add major poolscaping, furniture and lights down the road to cut back on costs initially. Owning a pool is exciting and you may want to get everything upfront, but delaying some purchases will help you ease into how much it costs to own a pool season after season. 

Budget, Financing Guidance from a Professional Team

We have had the honor to work with many pool owners since we first opened our doors in 1976. We have certainly heard all of the questions and concerns related to pool ownership over the years and we are happy to discuss these answers with you. We truly understand the investment of time and money that goes into a pool, but we also know that you will enjoy every minute of ownership! We strive to be there for you every step of the way and can be by your side for the budgeting and financing process. If you are ready to take the first steps toward pool ownership, we are ready to connect with you via our online form




Family fun in the sun, since 1976!

We at Caribbean understand that this is a large investment to enhance your family’s summer. That’s why we focus on supporting your throughout the entire life of your pool. So let’s talk today about your project.

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