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How to Identify, Remove Stains Marring Surface of Your Pool

There is nothing more inviting than a clean, clear pool on a hot summer day! Unfortunately, pool water is not always at its optimal look and chemical levels. The water is almost like a living entity as it is affected by weather, sun, swimmers, intruders or chemicals and getting off-kilter can really affect its look and feel. Stains can dot your pool’s surface at any time, and depending on the cause and type, there are key steps to take to ensure that your water stays sparkling clean and clear!

Color is Key to Solving this Problem

Stains can be caused by an organic or metallic cause. Organic stains arise from leaves, berries and tree or bush debris while metal stains can appear from various metal components of your pool’s pump or filter system. If you find a stain one morning, first assess the color to help determine how to best treat it and prevent it in the future.

Crack this color code for answers: 

  • Green with brown is typically an organic stain from dirt, algae or bugs.
  • Green that has blue is often a metal stain from a copper source.
  • Red and blue indicate an organic source such as wild berries that birds have transported.
  • Red and brown is likely a metal stain from iron.
  • Black and purple stains point to metal, possibly from manganese.

Now that you have narrowed down the source, it is best to confirm which type of stain it is before starting any treatment. To test for an organic-based stain, a small amount of chlorine directly onto the stain should remove it. To test for a metal-based stain, test it with a Vitamin C powder and if the stain is removed or lightened, it’s source is identified. 

Clear Your Pool to Get Back to Fun

Metal: Have a water test completed professionally at Caribbean Pools to finalize the best treatment and specific stain remover. Follow any instructions on the product’s label.

Organic: Get your water chemistry back on track – alkalinity between 100 and 150 parts per million and pH level between 7.4 and 7.6 – and shock your pool. One stain can be tackled with a normal dose, but more stains may need additional amounts of shock. Scrub the affected area and run your system for a minimum of eight hours. You may need to put this process into action more than once depending on the severity of the stain.

Prevention of stains is all about consistent maintenance and balanced water chemistry. Make sure to run your pump/filter regularly to help keep debris out and remove larger debris items with your skimmer and vacuum. Even when the weather isn’t optimal for swimming, keep an eye out for stains.

Find Answers with Our Team

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