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How to Keep Your Pool Maintained All Winter Long

Prepping your inground pool for the winter is essential to having it at its best when you remove the cover to plunge into the swimming season. Taking care of your pool year-round will ensure that you can enjoy your backyard oasis for years to come.

Follow these tips for a successful closing up of your pool season:

Last day: When you are running your pool for the last day, you should have an algaecide in the water to run through the pump for a full day. This makes sure that the chemical is able to be distributed throughout your pool’s water and will help prevent any algae from building up.

System shutdown: When you completely close your pool for the winter season, you will need to winterize your pool system so that it is good to go for the next swimming season. You should check on your pipes and motorized parts and drain the water from your filter, pool heater, and pumps. You do not want water to freeze within your system. If you are in need of professional assistance with this step, our Caribbean Pools & Spas crew can come out and inspect your system and get it ready for winter. 

Cover Upkeep: Your inground pool cover should be in place during the cooler months not only for safety purposes, but also to help keep leaves, debris, dirt, and more from getting into your water. When you put your cover on, double-check that it is fitted securely at all of the key points. If your cover has seen better days, consider investing in a new one. 

Weather watch: If you have chosen to run your pool throughout the winter, you should keep an eye on the chemicals if there have been lots of warm fall days. The warmer temps will spur a need for additional algaecide and chlorine before the snow begins falling. With a mesh cover, lots of rain can dilute these same chemicals. 

Enzyme benefits: Adding an enzyme product throughout the colder months can help break down the debris that can make its way into your pool, including pollen and bird droppings. By breaking these down, you are less likely to have a gross ring of grime around the inside perimeter of your inground pool when you are ready to swim.

Leave the Closing to Our Team

If you have concerns about properly closing your inground pool or just do not have the time to get it done before the real cold weather settles in, then our expert team can help you with all of your pool needs. Our crew members can also inspect your pool’s system and help with any needed repairs as the seasons change. We can recommend any necessary updates that need to be completed to help keep your pool at its best for the future. Reach out to us via our online contact form.




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