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How to Protect Your Pool From Snow Damage

Your pool stands as a beacon to what summer will be once the weather warms up again when you glance into your backyard! When the snow falls, we are dreaming of sunny days full of swimming and not worrying about pool maintenance. But you should keep an eye on your inground pool and help protect it from any snow damage this winter with these tips and tricks.

Take Care of Your Pool Cover

Your pool cover is the line between your water and the weather and winter elements throughout the winter. It needs to be properly in place before too much snow starts falling or building up on the ground. If you are worried at all about your pool cover, contact our professional technicians to check it out before the winter rolls on too much. Among our services at Caribbean Pools & Spas regarding your pool’s cover include diagnosing and servicing any problems. We will perform a tune-up, cleaning, general maintenance, replace your auto cover’s rope and install a whole new cover if needed. 

If you are certain that your cover is good to go, you still need to watch it throughout the colder months. If you notice an excessive amount of debris or snow building up, then you should take care of removing it when possible. What you use to remove debris is way different than your tools for your lawn or driveway! A rake or snow shovel has sharp edges and corners that could create issues by tearing up your pool’s liner. We recommend using a long broom to carefully brush off what you can from your pool cover. 

Watch Your Water Level Before and During Snowy Days

Your water level will not be the same during the winter as it is during the swimming season. You need to drain some of your water out to help prevent freezing damage and issues. General guidelines can help you with how much water needs to be drained and remain out of your pool all winter long as the water is what helps hold up your pool’s cover. If you have a vinyl liner, typically your water should be done an inch, a plaster or non-vinyl liner calls for six inches if you have a solid cover or 18 to 20 if you have a mess cover. An automatic pool cover calls for your water to be below your skimmer. 

Our Team Can Answer Your Questions

Your inground pool investment is not at risk when you have trained experts by your side every step of the way! Our Caribbean crew members are here for you throughout the year and across all of the seasons to offer all of our services from maintenance and repairs to renovations and water chemical testing. Reach out through our online contact form for assistance with your issues anytime.




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