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Important Factors to Consider When Designing a Pool

Pools are the place to be all summer long! If you are at the initial stages of planning an inground pool installation at your place for the next swimming season, there are some factors to consider when it comes to design. If you are looking to add more family fun, then consider these characteristics that should go into your design decisions.

The Deep Side of Things: Having a shallow end on one side and a deep end on the other is ideal for families with young children and frequent young guests. A shallow end is typically about 3 feet deep to allow for young boys and girls to be able to touch the bottom when they are in the pool. There should be a significantly sized area of the shallow end to allow for plenty of room to play. If your family does not have younger children, then a shallow space may be deleted to allow for more depth that fits your family’s needs.

A Step Down: Ages of your children and guests are also a factor in what type of pool steps you put in as part of your inground pool. Wider steps that allow for easing into the water make it more comfortable for those little swimmers who are not yet used to the water. Steps may also be a great place for swimmers of all ages to hang out in the pool as well. This can be a “tanning” ledge that is an elongated step tread that is a lounging area within the pool. 

Fun Features: If you want to have a diving board or slide as part of your pool, then you will need to have the proper depth requirements for this type of inground pool add-on. Even if you do not install these right away, you will need to plan your pool design with these in mind if it is a consideration, as you cannot add depth later on! Make sure these add-ons are installed properly for safe summer fun.

Poolscape Matters: The area around your pool will get as much use as your pool itself! This is where you will sit, hang out and have your pool toys scattered throughout the swimming day. Take into account how these hardscape areas will affect your lounging and hanging out time.

Liner Look: You will see your liner through your pool water for years to come, so make sure that it is a design that you enjoy and can live with for the life of the pool. 

Caribbean Crew Helps With Inground Pool Installation

Our team here at Caribbean can help with design decisions if it is becoming overwhelming to decide. Our design services are part of our inground pool installation process. Our experts are available to help you navigate these factors and more. Reach out through our online contact form for assistance.




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