Opening the auto cover

Opening the auto cover

In this video, we will cover how to open the auto cover

Before opening the cover it’s good to check that the ropes that close the cover haven’t broken. Do this by opening the cover a few feet then closing it. If both sides close normally then your good to open all the way. If one side isn’t moving or it won’t close at all, there is a good chance that the ropes have broken and will need to be replaced.

After checking that the cover will close open the cover 98% of the way and “bump” the switch to finish opening the cover. This will prevent the cover from slamming into the end stops and prolong the life of the cover.


  • Check the cover closes before opening the cover fully
  • Avoid opening with large amounts of water on the cover
  • Bump the cover the last of the way open when you near the end

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