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Common issues with inground pool liners:

Out of coping

When a pool liner is “out of the coping,” it means it has become dislodged or displaced from the top edge of the pool wall where it should be. Coping serves a functional and aesthetic purpose, providing a finished edge around the pool and securing the liner.

If the liner is out of the coping, it can cause problems like water leakage, wrinkles in the liner, or damage to the liner. It’s important to address this issue quickly to prevent further damage and ensure the pool functions properly. This usually involves reseating or adjusting the liner so it fits securely in the coping.


When a pool liner is “floated,” it means that the liner is partially or completely separated from the bottom of the pool because there is water underneath it. This happens when the level of water in the ground around the pool goes up, and the pressure from the water causes the liner to move upward.

Floating liners can cause various problems, like wrinkles, bulges, or even completely moving the liner. In serious cases, it can cause significant damage to the liner and the pool itself.

To fix a floated liner, it’s important to remove the extra water from beneath the liner and properly put it back onto the pool floor. Depending on how bad the problem is, you may need professional help to make sure the liner is reinstalled correctly and to deal with any underlying problems, like issues with drainage, so that it doesn’t happen again in the future.


When it comes to pool wrinkling, identifying the precise cause can be challenging. Wrinkling typically falls outside the criteria covered by manufacturer warranties since it often results from environmental factors. Potential causes include prolonged exposure to excessive heat, imbalanced water chemistry, high activity levels in specific areas, water accumulating behind the liner (causing it to float), or a combination of these factors.

Once wrinkles form, they tend to remain in place, as they don’t usually release when the material cools. Heating makes the material more pliable, causing it to shift, bunch, or scrunch more easily with movement.

Wrinkling is primarily an aesthetic concern and typically doesn’t hinder your ability to swim unless it poses a safety or tripping hazard.

If you’d like us to pursue a warranty claim with the manufacturer on your behalf, please fill out the liner issue form:

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