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No backyard is complete without an area to cook and entertain. A Big Green Egg, also called BGE, is the perfect addition to your poolscape. Caribbean Pools has everything you are looking for. Come explore our grills to find the one that matches your culinary needs. 

Choosing the Right Grill

Big Green Eggs have a unique flair that you’ll love. These barbeque cookers have a distinct egg shape and many desirable aspects to appreciate:

  • Charcoal-Run: For the best flavor and the best cook, we recommend using all-natural lump charcoal. We suggest never to use regular charcoal and lighter fluid in these grills. The Big Green Egg charcoal smoker grill heats quickly and provides that smoky flavor you desire. 
  • Mini Grill: The mini-sized grill is perfect for traveling. Whether you have a picnic or tailgate to prepare for, the minimax BGE provides the convenience and ease you are looking for. No need to load up your propane grill and haul it all the way out to the picnic area: all you need is this compact grill. 
  • Kamado-Style. No matter what size you choose, a BGE grill is kamado-style. A kamado grill can run consistently at low temperatures at long durations but also works well at higher heat levels too. 

There are different grills you can choose based on your budget and your cooking needs. If you frequently cook larger meals or entrées, you may need something higher-powered to keep up with your demands. On the other hand, there are smaller sized grills with simpler controls for more casual individuals when it comes to cookouts. No matter your needs, our team can help you select a grill that exceeds your expectations.

Big Green Eggs Have So Much to Offer

Green Egg has remained a leading brand because it has so much to offer for anyone in need of a new grill. Whether you’re a cookout amateur or a culinary pro, Big Green Eggs has the right tools for you. When you invest in a Big Green Egg, you’re choosing a grill that will last for years to come:

  • Quality. It’s always important to get a grill that’s of the finest quality. Consider the materials it’s made out of, as well as its durability and even its paint job. Grills are exposed to the outdoor elements, meaning you need a grill that’s built to last. Big Green Eggs are made of thermal materials designed to withstand high cooking temperatures. 
  • Dependable. Big Green Eggs are designed to heat up quickly so you can get right to creating a delicious meal for your guests. These grills have a lifetime warranty, so you don’t need to worry about any parts rusting or malfunctioning. With a BGE, your satisfaction is guaranteed. 
  • Versatile. Your BGE is perfect for any kind of meal. Create delicious desserts, appetizers, and dinners of all kinds with ease. 

Explore Our Grills

At Caribbean Pools, you’ll find a variety of Big Green Eggs. If you have an outdoor kitchen or living area, one of these grills is a must-have. Entertain without any stress and create delicious meals with a BGE. Visit us now to explore our grills. 

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