Hot Tubs

Hots tubs let you have a spa day right in the comfort of your own home. They are a popular choice for pool owners and pair well with an inground pool. A hot tub is the final touch to a relaxing poolscape, offering comfort and fun year-round. At Caribbean Pools, we have a range of sleek hot tubs in stock. We have some of the most popular brands for you to choose from. Here’s what you need to know about hot tubs and why you should consider installing one. 

Our Hot Tubs

Our brands of hot tubs are among the most reliable in the market. We offer models from the Nordic line, as well as Dimension One. Hot tubs are available in many shapes and sizes. For instance, you can choose a larger hot tub to fit up to six or seven people or choose a two-seater if you don’t need the extra space. Additionally, every hot tub has different capabilities when it comes to water jets, temperature levels, and seating. With so many options, be sure to consult with our team. 

Discover our wide range of products:

  • Nordic: We offer the Nordic line, a series of hot tubs that offer powerful water flow and consistent temperature regulation. With a Nordic hot tub, you and your family can relax with ease. They’re some of the most dependable hot tubs on the market, making every option a great choice for you. From the Nordic Crown line to Nordic Encore, you’ll find a hot tub that suits your preferences. 
  • Dimension One: Our other hot tubs brand is Dimension One, which has much to offer in terms of comfort and affordability. Our Dimension One hot tubs come in several varieties, all of which match your budget while fulfilling your needs.  

No matter what kind of hot tub you need, Caribbean Pools will help you find the right one for you and your family. We know how important quality is to you, so we deliver outstanding products that are well known for their viability and design. The right hot tub can make a huge difference in the comfort of your poolscape.

Hot Tub Maintenance, Installation, and Repair

Caribbean Pools manages all of your hot tub needs. 

Oftentimes, people choose to use hot tubs year-round as well, meaning you need to maintain your hot tub using the right tools. Hot tubs require special chemicals to sanitize them and keep them safe to use. We have everything you need, so be sure to discuss your options with our team. 

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Finding the right hot tub is so much easier with a dependable team of pool experts at your side. Caribbean Pools has everything you need to keep your pool at its best. Come explore our hot tubs today and get all the supplies you need in one place. 

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