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Maintaining a pool can take some work, but with the right products, you’ll have no problem keeping your pool clean all summer long. Caribbean Pools has the pool chemicals you need to keep your pool in top shape. Let us lend you a hand in maintaining your pool. 

Get Pool Chemicals and So Much More at Caribbean Pools

Our experienced pool contractors have tackled all kinds of construction projects. We’re the team that countless homeowners rely on when they need to build a brand new inground pool. Whether you already have a pool that needs some updates or you are starting from scratch, our pool contractors will help you every step of the way. With over 40 years in the business, we know all there is to repairing, installing and maintaining swimming pools. 

Our services and areas of expertise include: 

  • New pool construction
  • Renovations
  • Poolscape design
  • Repairs and maintenance
  • Replacement liners

Of course, our services go beyond construction and repair. While we are happy to take care of larger jobs, we are also passionate about helping homeowners keep their pools in good shape. We sell a variety of pool chemicals depending on what you need. You’ll discover some of the top brands, such as BioGuard swimming pool chemicals, Natural Chemistry, SpaGuard, FROG chemicals and more. With so many to choose from, we can help you explore your options and select the chemicals that are right for your pool. 

Why Do I Need Pool Chemicals?

Pool chemicals play an important role in maintaining your pool’s cleanliness and safety. One of the most well-known chemicals, chlorine, is used to disinfect the water. Without chlorine, your pool would be filled with bacteria and harmful substances, leading to algae and cloudy water. Chlorine helps your pool look and stay fresh. Some pools, such as saltwater pools and hot tubs, need special products. Our team will provide all the information you need to know to choose the right product. 

When you buy your pool chemicals from Caribbean Pools, you know for sure that you’re getting high-quality chemicals that will do the job right. We offer everything you need at an affordable price, making us your go-to destination for pool maintenance. 

Here’s what you should consider when selecting pool chemicals: 

  • Sanitation: Several chemicals are used to sanitize, including chlorine, oxidizers and bromine for spas. 
  • pH Levels: Stable pH levels are key to ensuring your pool’s not too acidic. If your pH levels are too high or low, parts of your pool may become damaged. A high pH may cause cloudy water. 
  • Stain Removers: Some pool chemicals can help treat and prevent stains on your pool’s tiling, which is a convenient solution that keeps your pool looking great. 

Contact Us To Learn More About What Chemicals Are Right For Your Pool 

Choosing the right chemicals is so important in keeping your pool clean and safe to use. Caribbean Pools has several brands of pool chemicals available, so talk to our experts today. We’re happy to discuss your options.


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