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A new swimming pool liner will make your inground pool look like new. It’s essential for any pool owner to have a liner that matches the aesthetic they are looking for. With so many styles available, you’ll find the right liner for your pool with ease. Caribbean Pools provides a wide range of pool liners produced by some of the most dependable brands on the market. Let our pool experts help you select the right product. 

What Makes Pool Liners Important

Swimming pool liners are installed along the sides and floor of your pool, essentially acting as a barrier to seal in the water while adding structure and style to the inside. Pool liners are typically made of vinyl, a solid material that’s durable and easy to clean. They may have printed patterns and colors to add visual interest or to give the illusion of tile or depth. Liners are available in different thicknesses, too, so it’s important to know what you are looking for before exploring your options. 

When it comes to aesthetics, maintaining your pool’s beauty is a matter of keeping it in good shape and doing regular upgrades. One of the major problems that lead to an unappealing pool is an outdated liner. Over time, your pool liner may lose its quality after years of chemical and sun exposure and should be replaced every 7 to 10 years. It’s possible to repair small tears and damage, but if you’d like extensive improvements, replacing your liner will help your pool look new again. 

Our Pool Liners

Caribbean Pools provides a rich variety of pool liners. We sell two of the most dependable brands, Plastimayd and Craftwork, both of which supply excellent pool liners that retain their highest quality for years to come.

These brands provide genuine factory-grade liners that match your pool’s exact size, which makes getting a replacement liner easy. You won’t have to worry about your liner not fitting. Our pool liners are designed to fit pools of all shapes and sizes. 

When choosing between pool liners, it’s important to keep your options in mind:

  • Acetate Coating helps to mitigate the harmful effects of UV rays on the sides of your pool. This helps extend your liner’s longevity and keeps it from fading. 
  • Custom Fitting helps ensure your pool’s liner fits perfectly. Not all manufactured liners will fit every pool, so if you need a new liner for a custom pool, our team is ready to help. 
  • Your Poolscape Aesthetic may determine the color and style of your liner. There are many different kinds of patterns available. Whether you’d like a tile pattern or one that looks like waves, finding a suitable liner can help you keep a cohesive poolscape aesthetic. 

If you need help choosing a liner, just let our team know. Caribbean Pools has delivered quality pool products for over 40 years, and we are more than happy to help you find the right solution. We’ll help you choose a line that matches your pool while upholding your poolscape’s appearance.

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If you have a question about pool liners or are ready to find one for your pool, call Caribbean Pools today! We are dedicated to helping our clients find the right product that adds style and comfort to their inground pool. We want you to be satisfied with your product and our service as we install your liner. 

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