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Pool Colors and Their Effect on the Appearance of an Inground Pool

Putting in a new inground pool at your place has many decisions, but some are actually fun! The color of your pool can play up different design features and affect the appearance of your pool once it is completely installed and filled with water. At Caribbean, we work with both vinyl pool liners and fiberglass pools. 

The Different Looks of Vinyl

From light to dark, you can select from one of three different designs and shades of blue to enhance your pool design. Darker colors and designs will absorb more ultraviolet rays and lighter looks will reflect more ultraviolet rays. The darkers colors allow for a deeper water color and shade of blue. This is often what you will see when pools are advertised as it evokes the feel of the pristine waters of the Caribbean. Lighter vinyl looks can create the illusion of a difference in the color of the pool’s surface and the water. The look is an overall crystal clear light blue. 

Our three vinyl design options:

Light series: It has the subtle tones of light blue and will be more reflective of the island lifestyle.

Rich series: A more medium blue base with vibrancy and a vibe of living by the oceanfront. There are varied patterns that can add seaside elegance to your pool.

Deep series: These pattern choices are dramatic and have the bold blues as their base. It can create the look of the lakeside and lend a sophistication to your outdoor oasis.

The Blue Hawaiian Fiberglass Pool series that we can install also has a range of looks and styles from natural and custom to rectangular and classic.

More Than Just a Look

The color of your inground pool can impact the temperature of your water as the absorption of ultraviolet rays can be affected. For the darker side, the absorption of more ultraviolet rays in direct sunlight can boost your pool water’s temperature by 3 to 5 degrees. This is another factor to consider when deciding on your pool design options.

If you are overwhelmed with choices and decisions, our pool design team is here to help guide you through the process. We can put together renderings of your property with your inground pool in place, so that you can visualize what it will look like before we break ground on your project. Our team will have a conversation with you on creating your entire space with all of the details that you want to finish up your oasis.

The Process Begins

Our timeline from project to pool varies, but includes all aspects of the installation. After we dig your pool, we will install your walls and plumbing, have an inspection and pour footer, backfill the pool, pour the concrete and install the liner. Contact our team for an appointment through our form.




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