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Pool Equipment 101: Everything You Need to Know

There are so many pieces and components that make up your pool that all have to work together to help your inground pool run smoothly all season and summer long! We are going back to the basics and taking a closer look at all of the equipment that keeps your pool working as it should.

Your Pool’s Pump

If your inground pool had a heart, your pump is it! Your pump is responsible for keeping your water flowing and circulating. Moving water helps keep it clean and helps prevent buildup of bacteria and debris. Your pool’s pump takes your water where it needs to go from the filter to the heater to the chlorinator. This results in the clean, warm and sanitized water that is optimal to dive into.

Your Pool’s Filter

Your filter and pump work hand-in-hand. Your filter will collect debris, particles and dirt out of your water and the pump will blow the cleaner water back out into the pool. The larger pieces, such as sticks, twigs and insects, will get trapped in your basket and the smaller items will get trapped in your filter’s sand or cartridge. For instance, sand can capture tiny particles but does require a backwashing here and there.

Your Pool’s Heater

Jumping into warm pool water on a cooler summer day is the absolute best! Your heater will take the pool water after it has passed through your filtration system and warm it up. Typically, your heater pulls in air from the outside and turns it into gas by being passed over evaporator coils. This goes into a compressor to boost up the temp even more and warm up your water. Heaters are often offered in solar, gas and electric options.

Your Pool’s Automatic Cover

An inground pool remains safe and secure with the help of your inground pool’s automatic cover. When you are not at home or inside and do not want anyone swimming, it is quickly closed to limit access to your pool. Putting your cover into place when your pool is not in use can keep your water cleaner as well by stopping debris, dirt and more from entering your water.

Equipment Concerns Need an Expert Touch

Our crew members at Caribbean Pools & Spas understand that any summer day your pool is not right, feels wasted! We all want to be swimming as much as possible during the season. If you need a piece of equipment repaired, our team will inspect your components and fix them as soon as we can. Among the repairs or replacements that we can take care of: pumps, filters, general plumbing, heater, chlorinator and cover. If you are worried about a leak, we can perform a pressure test or dive to look. Our technicians can diagnose problems in your pool or spa. If you have specific questions, reach out through our online contact form today.




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