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Pool Equipment: Everything You Need to Know

Your pool’s pieces are all important to the overall function and life of your pool and its water. Each and every component has a job to do, and if one is out of whack, your whole system is not right. Let’s take a deep dive into your inground pool’s equipment and how each piece works.

Your Pump

Your pool’s water is constantly moving as long as your pump is running and working properly. Your pump circulates water throughout your pool so that it stays as clean and clear as possible while exposing your water to the chemicals that you add as needed. If your pool water was not moving, debris, organic material, and more would settle into your water. You can thank your pump for a great swimming experience for the temperature as well. The moving water is distributed through your filter, heater, and chlorinator. Our team at Caribbean Pools & Spas can discuss the energy-efficient benefits of the latest innovative pool pumps.

Your Filter

Your pool pump’s friend is your filter. As the water is circulated by the pump, it passes through the filter to grab the junk that you can and can’t see from your water. The larger pieces land in the basket, and smaller pieces will also be snagged by your filtration system. Our team works with DE (diatomaceous earth) filters that can drill down to filter out the smallest of particles. While these filters last for years, they do need to be consistently cleaned and backwashed as part of the maintenance.

Your Heater

As your water moves through your filtration system, it will also be warmed up through your heater. It utilizes outdoor air to warm up your water and provide an ideal temperature for your swimmers all season long. Our team works with Eco Advantage heaters with easy-to-read controls and programmable options. 

Your Automatic Pool Cover

Keeping your family and neighbors safe is vital to pool ownership. An automatic pool cover is key to keeping your pool water inaccessible when no one is around to supervise. Having an automatic cover means that you can push a button and have your pool secured. Our covers are available in a range of colors. Besides convenience, your cover will block out debris and help maintain the temperature of your pool’s water when it is closed. 

Your Automation

Controlling your pool from anywhere through connectivity is possible! There are lots of innovations in the automation area of your pool, and we are happy to help guide you and offer the benefits of this type of system. 

Connect With Us When You Have Questions

Our crew members are here to help! We can work with you on installing, maintaining, repairing, or renovating your pool, as we are here for you for all stages of pool ownership. Reach out through our online contact form




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