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We offer ongoing pool maintenance services for our clients. Our maintenance services include the following:

  • Auto Cover Combo (Maintenance & Cleaning) – Pressure wash, cleaning, and application of cover. A 14 point inspection, lubrication, cleaning, and protectant application.
  • Cleaning & Balancing – Add to any opening to bring your pool up to swim ready condition.
  • Filter Cleaning – Keep your filter clean by scheduling a spring clean prior to opening and a mid-season clean in July.
  • Heater Tune-Up & Maintenance – Check operations and clean all parts.
  • Maintenance Visit – Based on the needs of your pool, this typically includes brushing walls, stairs, and water lines, vacuuming, emptying skimmer & pump basket, testing and adding routine maintenance chemicals.
  • Salt Cell Cleaning – Recommended once a month to help extend the life of your salt system.

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