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Pool Opening Checklist for Every Pool Owner

Having an awesome swimming season begins with taking care of your pool opening checklist! Before you plunge into your pool water, follow these tips to have your best season yet of making memories with your friends and family in the sunshine all season long.

  1. Take Care of that Winter Cover: First and foremost, it is time to unveil your pool by removing your winter cover. Take the time to use a soft broom to brush away any dead leaves, sticks or debris that may have landed on your cover during the winter. It is also a good idea to pump off any standing water as you do not want that stagnant water to land in your pool. As you remove your cover, really inspect it to see if it was damaged at all during the winter months. This will give you a heads-up to know if you may need a new one as the season winds down in a few months. If it is good to go, clean it up before you stow it away for the summer. Use gentle tools and cleaners so you do not damage it. Store it in a safe, clean place to use again next time.
  2. Clean out the Big Stuff: Now that you can see your pool water, skim out any big pieces of debris that may have fallen into your pool water when you were removing your winter cover. By removing large debris, you will ensure that your filtration system will get going on the right foot and not get clogged up.
  3. Remove plugs, put in your accessories: It’s time to take out any winterizing plugs that you had put in place for the winter. Also, get out your ladders, diving boards, slides and other accessories that are part of your pool. Clean and inspect them before putting them up for the season.
  4. Time for a refill: Your pool’s water level has surely gone down over the fall and winter months. It is best to add water before you start testing and adjusting the water chemistry. Using a hose filter allows for the cleanest water possible if you do not use a pool water company.
  5. Get your filter going: It is time to get your pump system up and going to start filtering out debris, bugs and more. If there are any issues, contact our expert team to come out and review your system and repair any problems.
  6. Test your water: Now is the optimal time to review your water’s chemistry to see what it needs. Our Caribbean Pools & Spas team can test your water to help with an initial baseline to launch your season. Just bring it to one of our locations and we will test it for you and go over your results. You can pick up any needed chemicals at our place as well. 
  7. Vacuum the bottom and dive in!

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