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Pool Opening: Professional vs. DIY

There’s nothing like the time of year when the weather is finally warming up and you are getting ready to open your inground pool for the swimming season! But before you can dive in, there is work to be done to ensure that your pool is clean and clear for the upcoming summer. Even if you are a seasoned pool owner, check out why it is a good idea to have a professional open your pool for you.

Proper cover care: Your winter cover has done its job and it is time to remove it and reveal your outdoor oasis. While this may seem like an easy task to do yourself, your cover is large, heavy and can be full of dirt, debris or excess water that you do not want to fall into your pool’s water. Our experts at Caribbean Pools & Spas have trained technicians who understand the best way to remove your pool cover. You want your winter cover properly cleaned, sanitized and stored for the next closing.

Plug removal: Winter plugs that have been put into place in your return jets have played an important role during the wintertime, but it is time to remove them. This can be a delicate task, that is best left to a professional if you are unsure of exactly what to do. You do not want to cause damage to your pool’s components and equipment through any DIY blunders.

Water refill: Your pool’s water level may have changed from natural evaporation and it needs to be back at the proper level in order for your pool’s equipment to function correctly. Our Caribbean crew members understand how much water your particular pool will need and how to add new water and balance the chemicals, so you have a beautiful pool right from the beginning.

Pre-operation checklist: We will make sure that we have taken the proper steps before turning on your pump and filter systems. Your filters need to be checked, cleaned and primed before your system is back online. While we are at your place, we will determine if any components of your pool’s systems have been affected over the winter and possibly damaged. Our expertise will take care of any needed inground pool repairs. Unfortunately, issues can arise when your pool’s system is sitting idle.

Chemical question: Even if you’re a seasoned pool owner, initializing your pool’s chemicals can be a balancing act as your water has sat all winter. Pros can get your balance off to a good start.

Talk to Our Team About Opening Your Pool

We are happy to discuss our services and what else your particular pool may need as the warmer weather remains. If you are new to pool ownership, we can help you maintain your water all season with a package that will help keep your water clear and your pool clean. Contact us through our online contact form




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