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Pool Party Checklist

Make sure you’re ready for your next pool party!

Water Chemistry

Weekly water testing at our retail locations is the best way to track what’s happening with your pool. Stay ahead of costly problems and keep your pool sparkling. It’s never too late to start actively water testing your pool’s water and is the first step in treating a cloudy or green pool.

Water Clarity

Your pool pump and filter are the key components in keeping the pool water clean and clear. Running your system 24/7 is the best way to avoid “losing” the pool during the hot days of summer.

Check your heater

Make sure your pool heater is working correctly. If your having a party make sure you turn your heater on a day or two in advance to make sure that the pool is up to temperature. 

If your auto cover pool is too warm, try leaving your auto cover open during the day to let the pool breathe and minimize solar heat generated from the auto cover.

Are your pool lights working?

Nighttime swims are tons of fun but unsafe if the pool isn’t properly lit. Make sure your pool lights are working before your next pool party. 

Swimming Pool Services

Having issues with your pool? Caribbean Pools offers a range of services and products for in-ground swimming pools. Give us a call and our Customer Care team will help point you in the right direction.




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