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Pool Safety Tips for Parents with Young Children

Your inground pool is a place for fun and making memories! If you have young children or young guest swimmers, make sure to keep them safe all season long with these reminders on pool safety.

  1. Have a conversation: At the beginning of each swimming season, go over your pool rules with your children and remind guests when they stop by to ensure that everyone is on the same page. Gently emphasizing how important water safety can be will help your children understand the need for these rules without scaring them into wanting to stay away from water. Key pool rules: no running around the pool, no pushing or dunking in the water, do not dive unless it is deep enough, get out of the water if bad weather rolls in – especially thunder and lightning,
  2. Keep an eye out: As adults, we want to have our own fun and relaxing time around the pool, but it is vital to make sure that there are always eyes on the pool. Having a designated “water watcher” is a great way to know that your early swimmers are taken care of. Take turns during a party so that everyone can eat, play and have fun.
  3. Sealed up tight: Having a fence in place around your pool as well as keeping your inground pool covered when not in use can help alleviate fears of children being in the water unattended. This is especially important if you have younger neighbors who may wander over into your yard. 
  4. Learn the basics: If you own a pool then your children should be adept at the basics of swimming. Have your children take swim lessons from a young age so that they know how to get around in water and stay as safe as possible. This will also help them if they have fears related to the pool.
  5. Sun safety: Swimming safely should also include wearing sunscreen and reapplying as needed. Taking time out to dry off during a hot and sunny day will allow your children to put more sunscreen on and help their skin stay healthy and prevent sunburns. 
  6. CPR certified: As a pool owner, it is a good idea to learn CPR just in case of any type of emergency. 

Let Our Team Worry About Your Pool’s Maintenance

Our Caribbean Pools & Spas crew can take the work off of your plate, so that you can focus on your family and having fun in your pool all season long. We offer a range of packages that will keep your pool clean and water chemistry properly balanced. We are available to open and close your pool to start and end each season. If you have any concerns regarding your equipment, we can inspect any of your pool’s components and make repairs as needed. 

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